The internet is practically filled with thousands of free and paid WordPress themes. Choosing one is quite difficult, especially when you want to find one that is perfect for representing your company on the internet. The problem is that it is difficult to recommend just one thing. It is important that we consider various aspects of such a theme so that we can see what is better suited for you.

An Ecommerce Solution

Will you be running some sort of selling process through your WordPress installation? If so, there is a pretty good possibility that you will want a theme that is already ecommerce compatible. While many options are available, we do recommend the use of Woocommerce whenever possible. Just look for themes that are woocommerce compatible.

Keep in mind that most themes out there have a general category that is assigned to them. You will be tempted to use some in the same category as you operate in. This is not always a good idea. Sometimes there are some options that are really great in other categories so do not make the research too narrow.


No matter what content you want to offer from a Prosper Loans review to a recipe, you want to be sure that the theme is compatible with mobile devices. This practically means that it has to be created based on a responsive pattern.

Before you buy a theme or you download one, it is practically impossible to figure out if this is the case. You would need to basically look at the list of features to see if the theme is responsive. Every single one that is will have this fact highlighted so that the interested customer can know.

Is The Theme Fully Customizable?

Take a look at the Betterment Investing page on Modest Money. The page is really well customized and looks perfect. This is a site that runs on WordPress and the theme does come with interesting customization features. However, in-depth modifications do require professional knowledge.

There are many business owners out there that make the mistake of choosing a theme that they think is really easy to customize when the truth is not actually like that. What you have to do is consider those themes that have as many listed customization features as possible. The more listed, the higher the possibility you will be able to save money as you would not need to pay for expensive web programming.

Personal Necessities

Based on the type of business that you operate, you will surely have some specific needs. For instance, there are some companies that would want to have a special feedback section that can be used by visitors to quickly send in a message. This is something that most themes can bring in automatically but not all of them are like so. Choose one that is suitable for such a need due to the same money saving reason mentioned above.

Make a list of the top WordPress themes that you like on the internet after a good research. Read the features and choose only after you are sure this is what you have been looking for.