Everyone needs to spice up their life every once in awhile. Students can add excitement to their lives by taking an internship abroad. Working professionals, on the other hand, often look for ways to take risks outside of working hours.

Well whoever you are, if you work long and exhausting hours, letting off some steam is really important! Enjoy your natural environments to the fullest. Walk your dog or something. Explore a host of exotic and potentially dangerous environments. Go base jumping. In any case, immersing yourself in travelling to a variety of different places is a surefire way to accomplish this.

Get pumped up. Go for a bit of a jog or take a water break at the cooler. We are about to visit ten incredibly stunning areas of the world, so get ready.

  1. Moraine Lake During Sunrise. Alberta, Canada

Figure 1: As the caption indicates, this is a beautiful location that overlooks a wonderful forest, crystal clear elements, and a number of other natural beauties. Source

The picture alone should be reason enough for you to visit this location. But I’ll make a couple of points to explicitly illustrate the sheer beauty of this landscape. First, note the stunning clarity of the azure water which sources from of a glacial flow. Additionally, there’s a beautiful multicolored rock formation along with a seriously good looking forest.

Located in Banff National Park, Moraine Lake Lodge is a well-known location for hiking, mountaineering, and romantic getaways, and this luxurious set-up perfectly complements and enhances the culture and scenery of the area. It’s also so well-known that it’s on some of the older denominations of the Canadian dollar bill. Need I say more? When are we booking tickets?

  1. Anchorage, Alaska

Figure 2: An icy wonderland found in some area of Alaska. Source

They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words, but I really think this picture’s priceless if we’re trying to describe it with just words. I’ll give it a shot though in the hopes of convincing you that the world is definitely made for traveling. Everything just fits together, don’t you think? The partially frozen water and leaves and the aesthetics of the landscape are simply breaktaking.

  1. Nagano, Japan

Figure 3: I’ll let the picture do the talking for the caption itself from this point onward. Source.

We’re talking about reasons to travel the world again, right? Don’t you find yourself just getting lost in the rocky path along the lines of trees? You can also seem to make out some sort of mountains and city in the distance. The simplicity and mundanely exotic feeling this area gives reminds me of my childhood explorations around shallow forests.

  1. Wasatch Mountain Layers, Utah, USA

Figure 4: Source

If you’re a citizen of the United States this brilliant cascading pattern of waves is just waiting for you to visit. The color of the trees and the positionings of the mountains in relation to the rest of the scene generate an absolutely surreal scene. Further this scene is coupled with the color scheme of the blue-pink skyline, creating an unforgettable view.

  1. Loughrigg, Lake District, UK.

Figure 5: Source.

Maybe you’re looking for something that’s more quaint and relaxing instead of having to deal with the imposing jaggedness of mountains when the fog around you finally clears or when you reach the summit. If that’s the case, this region in Loughrigg is perfect for you, with a soft, comforting color scheme and a nice lake in the middle of the idyllic image to top it all of.

  1. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Figure 6: Source

Cut me some slack here. You’ve probably noticed that most of the reasons I’ve given to travel the world have to do with seeing exotic locations. But I really think that’s such an important part of interfacing with and understanding our planet. Just being able to appreciate the tranquility and the harmony of the elements above – the trees, the hillsides, the river, the mountains, and the skyline – is simply sublime.

  1. Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

Figure 7: Source

So many of these pictures speak for themselves. The simple way that the cliff beautifully meets with the coastline is a feast for the eyes. The clear water and the clay-colored cliff really bring out the best in each other since they approximate a blue-orange color contrast. From a cultural standpoint, Natural Geographic describes it also as a  historical “home, a place to fish and plant their terraced taro fields” for early Hawaiians. If you’re feeling up to get a cultural taste of that early Hawaiian lifestyle, this beautiful coastline with its intriguing history is perfect for you.

  1. Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California

Figure 8: Source

This one’s called the Gateway to Heaven, and for good reason. The exact angle at which the sunlight strikes the crevice in the cliff is so surreal that it looks like a doorway. I personally can’t imagine the emotions evoked by such a deep experience in person, but it’s definitely on the top of my list for why I’d want to travel. Among other natural attractions are a variety of redwood, tan oak, mandrone, and even a incredible waterfall. The history of the location and its beauty means that it is now designated as a state park in memory of the pioneering efforts of Julia Pfeiffer Burns.

  1. Yosemite Valley Park, The Valley of Solace

Figure 9: Source

It’s no wonder that they call it the valley of solace. Just looking at the vegetation and the muted mountains in the background gives me a feeling of inner peace. The stillness of the water and the privacy of the moment because of how early it is in the morning makes this area a very special place to visit and make travel plans to see. Honestly, while this is a remarkably quiet and tranquil area, there are tons of places around Yosemite National Park with equally deep histories and backgrounds to explore. Don’t limit your options when you’re already there!

  1. Kinchakuda, Hidaka, Japan

Figure 10: Source

The red spider lily is one of my favorite flowers, despite its associations with death in some Japanese interpretations of the flower’s significance. Personally, I find this field of spider lilies to be both beautiful and entrancing, but also uncanny and almost creepy. It really goes to show how travel can really expand your perspective on things. I don’t want to end this article on such a spooky tone, but they say that death follows the blossoms of these ephemeral flowers.