Anyone in the professional blogosphere understands that there are multiple levels of quality. We’ll call them Levels 1, 2, and 3. Most of us start off in level 1, especially if your blog was started as a hobby or while you were young or inexperienced. If you stay in the game long enough, you’re liable to find your way into level 2, but it’s not a sure thing. To understand how Level 2 and 3 blogs do their thing, you’ve got to understand some of the intentional decisions and investments that the blog-owners have made.

We’ll talk about some of them below.

1. Design and Development

A professional blog is a professional business. As such, the blog itself has to look and run professionally. This means it has to meet certain industry standards, and you’ve got to pay a fair amount of money to pull this off. Sometimes this can mean taking out a professional loan. A business loan is a big commitment so use this free loan calculator to play with the numbers first to ensure this is something you can afford. Because many bloggers live internationally, it can be hard to find the best banking options, much harder than it would be to get a loan back home. For European bloggers, Norskelån offers some of the best options. However you finance your improved look and function, make sure the changes you are making differentiate yourself from the crowd in terms of quality. This is one of the main ways that professional bloggers become professional in the first place.

2. Content and SEO

In order to take your blog to the next level, you’ve got to have a unique, focused take on a specific topic. When a blog’s focus is too disparate, it’s impossible to get the kind of attention needed to build a real career. At this stage, it’s important to create or buy content which is unique and valuable. If it provides genuine information to your readers, then it will help build a real audience over time. By focusing on SEO as well, you can be sure that your blog will perform well in search, giving you the ability to grow your audience at a rate that exceeds the regular growth from word of mouth.

3. Be Consistent

The best blogs manage a remarkable level of consistency. A glance at a list of the top finance blogs will give you a sense of the kind of consistency that is necessary to get to this level. It’s important to provide a volume of work without sacrificing quality, and it can be difficult to pull this off alone. If you need to start investing in outside writers and developers, now may be the time.

There are a bunch of nuanced details which great bloggers use to make a career out of their online efforts. To add yourself to their number, you’ll have to make intentional changes about how you present your blog to the world. You’ll also have to invest some money and energy to put your blog above the rest. But consistent efforts pay off in situations like these, and you’ll have a great chance of success if you keep it up.