There are many reasons people start an online business. This could be because:

  • they hate their career choice,
  • they don’t like to be managed and would like to be their own boss
  • they want to create an additional income
  • they feel underappreciated in their current role or there is no room to exercise their creativity and freedom
  • they want a change in their career path
  • there are simply going through a mid-life crisis

Don’t worry if you are one that fits the bill and don’t know where to get started, we have got you covered. Fear not you don’t need a big bank balance or loan to get started either, all you need is a sharp brain to grasp, learn new concepts and some spare time to dedicate to your online business / entrepreneurial venture.

There are abundant opportunities in the digital space and here are just a few:

1 Start Blogging

If you are good at creating content then there is no better place to start than blogging. Create content that shows your expertise so you can provide writing samples to your prospective employers. Start blogging and guest blogging on well-known industry websites so you can be heard by a big audience and start building your reputation and credibility. You can also join online sites that post content requirements or join a digital marketing or SEO agency so you can get regular content work for the agency’s clients.

2 Start an eCommerce Site and Sell Products and/or Services

Another popular online venture is to create an eCommerce site and sell products or services. This requires a little bit more groundwork as you need to set up your site, think about search engine optimization, plan products and their pricing, create quality product images, think about shipping and returns policies and so on. You can also sell on Amazon and eBay if you just want to get started straight away without the hassle of creating your own eCommerce site. They both have their pros and cons to consider. 

3 Create an Online Course and Teach Others Something You are Good At

The demand for online education is growing simply because of the convenience that it offers. The cost savings of such an online education is also huge compared to a traditional college or University.

It is very simple and easy to get started; find an online knowledge commerce platform such as Kajabi where you can build an online course without the hassle of setting up your own site and worry about website traffic and conversions. With this kind of a platform, you can just focus on creating great courses that help teach and educate people.

4 Become a Social Media Consultant or Manager

Social media is huge for businesses. The problem is that many businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage five or so social media platforms and accounts. This is where you come in. If you have time and some social media savviness then you can help businesses by managing their social media accounts. You simply post interesting content related to the business on a regular basis and engage in social conversations and represent the business or its brand on social media. Social media consultancy is a very popular and upcoming career choice for many new entrepreneurs starting online.

Key Takeaway

Many people would love to give up their 9 to 5 job and start an online business simply due to the freedom and flexibility it offers. But the smart way to get started is to start part-time while holding on to your job. Plan, work out a strategy and research into your idea to cover risks and possible worst case scenarios. Good luck with your online business venture.