Blogging for business is no longer “the next big thing.” It has been here for two solid decades and the blog train just keeps moving forward faster and faster.

If you are late to the blogging game, it can sometimes feel like you will never ever EVER catch up. So much to learn and so little time to learn it!

But there is good news here. All you really lost by skipping the first 20 years of business blogging is making the same mistakes other early bloggers made. Now, you can get up and running quickly by learning from today’s honed and polished blogging best practices.

In this short, sweet post, learn how to blog to get more online and mobile sales from your blog content starting NOW.

1. Always lead with what is in it for the reader

In today’s time-crunched ecommerce marketplace, your blog needs to pop or it won’t get read. According to Forbes, you are competing for overloaded eyes in a world where the average online user today won’t even wait 3 measly seconds for your website to fully load!

So you must tell the reader why they absolutely have to read your blog post right now before they do one more thing. (By the way, your title will tell them what’s in it for them to take 5 or 60 seconds of their precious time to read your blog post and not your competitor’s blog post.)

Four ways to hook a reader into reading your post:

  • Offer a solution to a problem they have.
  • Answer their unasked question.
  • Make them laugh!
  • Help them save time/money/something else urgent.

2. Always end with a CTA (call to action)

So let’s say you’ve written a killer blog post and you have hooked an unsuspecting reader in….and that reader has read every word all the way to the very end. Now what?

You absolutely, positively do not want to let that reader go without asking for the sale! In business blogging, as marketing expert Neil Patel explains, this is called a CTA, or Call to Action. Like keywords, this term is so common many marketers gloss over it.

This is a mistake, by the way. The Call to Action is very important and a powerful sales driver.

The CTA you use depends on the type of blog content you just wrote and where that reader is in your sales cycle. For instance, a brand new, first-time visitor might be asked to join your mailing list. For a repeat customer, a buy button might be a better CTA choice. BigCommerce has an elegant solution where you can place the buy button anywhere on your website including a blog post. Now that is a clever way to convert a reader into a customer.

3. Always incorporate keywords that relate to what you are selling

“Keywords” is another marketing term that is so over-used it is easy to discount its importance. Think about the last time you went to the internet to search for something. What did you type in?

As Inc. tells it, that short collection of words was gold to a marketer somewhere who was trying to attract you to read their content over a competitor’s content!

So you simply must find the keywords that will attract the searching reader over to your blog.

4. Tie your blog content into your product or service offerings

It is the rare reader who hunkers down to read through a blog on a company’s website and doesn’t realize that company is hoping to sell them something.

So you want to make your blog into a sales-producing machine by automating the check-out process before your reader-turned-customer gets distracted by something else and abandons their shopping cart.

Do this for big and small screens and you will be well on your way to business blogging success!

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