A lot of beginners overlook the importance of great web hosting when it comes to building a site. Some tend to think that all hosting companies are the same – that it’s only a matter of choosing the one that offers the best price. This, however, is one of the many mistakes that beginners make when it comes to web hosting.

Remember that your web host plays a significant role on your site’s performance, security, and functionality. One does not simply pick a host and expect everything to go smoothly in the long run. To help you make the best decision, here are five crucial mistakes that you should avoid:

1-Dollar Web Hosts

Whatever you do, you should never count on a 1-dollar hosting package, especially if you have big plans for your website. The problem is that most beginners prioritize the price tag when it comes to choosing a web host. Although they might save some money for the short-term, choosing a cheap and unreliable web host can plague your site with problems such as limited poor site speed, low uptime, and bad customer service.

Also don’t forget to look at your site’s specific needs. Even if you’re dealing with a reputable host, there’s a chance that your chosen hosting plan can’t keep up with your site’s demands. For example, a personal blog that doesn’t require plenty of resources can survive with a shared hosting plan. But if you’re running an online store, then you should consider the pricier – yet more capable – dedicated hosting.

Comparing from “Top” Websites

After identifying your site’s needs, the next step is to look for potential hosting companies that can fit the bill. When it comes to this, it’s important to avoid relying on “top web host” sites. To some degree, they can offer good recommendations since they also list popular web hosts. However, it’s not uncommon to find fake reviews or falsified metrics that can mislead users. Keep in mind that most of these sites are in it for the commissions.

This is why you should create your own list of web hosts and do your own research. You can go ahead and contact each company’s customer service firsthand. This should tell you more about the team behind each company. Additionally, you should study their pricing plans and features to find a package that adequately matches your needs. Lastly, you can look for authentic web hosting reviews from sites such as Yelp and WebHostingTalk.com.

Ignoring the Terms of Service

Let’s face it – most people skip TOS agreements for everything. They simply spam the “Next” and “Accept” buttons to get things over with quickly. Although skipping the TOS seldom gets you in trouble when installing new software, the same cannot be said for web hosting.

Remember that most web hosts have TOS restrictions that can affect a growing website. For example, hosts may try to limit your resources if you exceed the agreed-upon usage. You can look for something about CPU/Server usage in the TOS to spot these limitations. Remember that even the best web hosts implement these restrictions since no one can provide unlimited resources. Speaking of “unlimited”, here comes the next mistake that you could make.

Believing the Word “Unlimited”

To make smarter hosting decisions, you need to steer clear of hosts that base their packages on the word “unlimited”. It can easily mislead beginners and prevent them from focusing on what they really need. For example, do you need an integrated website builder, or will you be using WordPress? Do you need to host 2 or more domains? Does your website require e-commerce features? Identifying these questions will help you create your own hosting checklist, which will guide you into making the best possible decision.

It’s also important to trust companies that offer detailed information about their hosting packages rather than pin their marketing on absurd claims. For example, companies like HostGator offer scalable solutions that can help startups and bloggers find plans that match the needs of their website. If you’re still unsure, you can simple “test” a web host’s reliability signing up for a month. This leads to the next biggest mistake that beginners make when it comes to web hosting.

Immediately Signing Up for Longer Periods

Most web hosts offer discounts for long-term, contractual packages. But unless you’ve dealt with a particular host in the past, you should avoid tying yourself to a company too early. Instead, you should sign up for a shorter hosting plan which will allow you to test their services and see if they can live up to their promises. It might cost more initially, but it will help you make a solid decision you won’t regret.

In other aspects of life, mistakes can be considered as stepping stones to success. But when it comes to choosing a web host, they’re just a waste of money. Fortunately, you no longer have to experience mistakes to learn from them. Just remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution with web hosting. To make the best decision, you need to specify the needs of your website first before studying all your hosting options.