Being involved in the web design industry means you’re always looking to the future. So with 2015 halfway over, it’s time to get started on plans for the upcoming year. One trend that is softly buzzing around in these hot months is web designs that create an experience for your traffic.

Here are a few reasons why you need to jump on board this year and give your audience something they’ll remember.

1. People have seen it all

Consumers have been exposed to all of the tricks in the book at this point. They now want a web design that takes them on a journey and offers them a story. A trustworthy dialogue gives them a reason to come continually back and visit. Providing your traffic with a positive online atmosphere will also result in more shares and likes. The more you engage and entertain your audience in 2016, the more you’ll stand out.

2. People know their niche

In the past, those who were just getting started with internet marketing targeted everyone. Now, people are specializing in what makes their particular niche tick. They provide design and content based on the personalities and buying habits of their traffic, and they know how to interact in a way that keeps everyone engaged. The competition is intense and tougher than ever before. By creating a unique experience for your website next year, you’ll attract more visitors and give them a reason to always come back.

3. You need to be memorable

You don’t have to have the prettiest web design for people to remember you. You just have to offer something that requires engagement and interaction. Have weekly contests that require people to enter by leaving a comment – and then actually give something away that they want. Share personal stories about yourself so people can get to know you. The goal is to start brainstorming now on how you can be memorable in the future. This might require a little more WordPress development but it’s well worth it!

4. You don’t want to look like spam

Newsletters, opt-ins, and social media clicks can come across as spam if you don’t offer something in return. What you need to offer is a real experience as a trustworthy source. People just aren’t giving their information out as readily as they have in past. You’ll have to work harder next year to gain an audience and consumer clicks and visits.

5. You’ll be ahead of the competition

Getting started today on a web design that creates an experience is a move in the right direction. Be proactive and start paying attention to the top sites in your niche that already practice this. What do you enjoy when you visit their site? Ask other people what they like about the websites they engage in the most. It’s true that while many web designers are thinking in this direction, a great deal haven’t made the move yet. Take the plunge this year, and you’ll be ahead of everyone else in 2016.

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