The days of listing your home in newspapers and magazines, and relying on signs in front of your house to sell your home are nearing their end. The percentage of people relying on online searches to find their ideal home is rising; in 2016, 44 percent of people looked online first, before taking any other actions, and more than 90 percent of real estate firms use websites as their main way of showcasing property.

If you want your home to sell, it needs to be listed online. But merely listing your property online isn’t enough to generate momentum. If you want to sell your property faster, and get a good price for it, you’ll need to carefully execute the right online marketing strategies for it.

Top Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

These are some of the best online marketing strategies you can use to boost the visibility and attractiveness of your property:

  1. Work with an agent. First and foremost, work with a selling agent. You’ll end up having to pay a commission on your home sale, but the home will sell faster – and most likely, for a higher price that more than makes up for that fee. You’re welcome to try selling on your own, but unless you have experience navigating the world of home sales, you’ll end up spending more time and money, and experiencing more stress along the way.
  1. Take lots of high-definition pictures. Online users judge properties based only on what they see, so provide as many high-definition pictures as you can. Include shots of the inside and outside, and make your property look as big as possible. Make sure everything is arranged well, is clean, and is illuminated with good lighting.
  1. Consider using virtual tours. You can also go a step further by offering a virtual tour of your property – a feature that’s becoming more popular in the real estate world. There are many companies to choose from if you’re interested in this service.
  1. Create a website. Next, consider creating a short-term website for your property. Thanks to today’s templates, it’s easier than ever to create a small website that looks professionally designed. You’ll spend a few hours and a few dollars getting everything set up, but once it is, you can use it as a “hub” to send all your online traffic from other channels. Offer as much information as you can on this site, since only the most interested buyers will land there.
  1. List everywhere. There are dozens of sites that specialize in listing properties and displaying them to prospective homebuyers, such as Zillow and Trulia, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. If your main goal is to sell your home quickly, it’s in your best interest to list yourself in all of them. That will maximize your exposure, even if it costs a bit extra.
  1. Join groups and forums. Next, try to join groups and forums related to your area’s real estate. There will often be people listing property, or looking for tips on where to buy. You can join the conversation and link to your website, showing off your property when it’s appropriate to do so. This strategy is more effective when you’ve spent some time as a non-promotional member of the community; spamming advertisements is rarely tolerated.
  1. Get active on social media. Finally, try to get more active on social media. Share posts about your home on a regular basis, and encourage your friends and family members in the area to share it further. With just a few shares, you could end up reaching hundreds of people.

Relying on Multiple Methods 

In our digital age, properties showcased online have a distinct advantage, and anyone relying on purely traditional techniques is going to be at a disadvantage. However, there’s an even greater advantage in using as many different tactics and advertising channels as possible. The key to selling your property quickly is maximizing its visibility, and the only way to do that is through a combination of different strategies. Make the most of your resources, and diversify your approach.