Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! If you own a website, you must have heard about it. Without SEO, you stand to lose and reduce your website’s visibility. SEO techniques and strategies keep on changing. The techniques that worked last year, might no longer have any relevance now.

Your ultimate goal is to get noticed. This is achievable only if you have a good ranking. A good ranking is possible with either smart strategies or experienced SEO consultants at your disposal.

Here are 9 SEO Strategies coming from SEO experts at Seo North Sydney to give wings to your brand and improve website visibility.

When you have a website, you want maximum traffic from the targeted audience. Optimization is essential for leading audiences to your website. You need top SEO strategies to get your website the visibility it needs to be a success. Here are some of those:

  1. Rankings Affected by Engagement: Engagement means the time that a visitor spends on your website. There is light evidence that many search engines give importance to sites with better engagement. Search rankings also have a positive correlation with engagement metrics, according to SimilarWeb. Higher time a visitor spends at a website is seen as a positive sign by search engines, thereby improving ranking and visibility.
  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): When you have AMP for your mobile-friendly website version, you would be ensuring that the website loads faster on mobile phones as well. This means, that, the search engines see your website as a top performing website. The search engines take into account these aspects for the ranking. With faster loading pages, you get better ranking and enhanced visibility.
  1. Update Existing Pages & Content: When you have a longer content, you are setting your website for a higher ranking. If you already have a content that has been optimized, and is doing well on the search engines, then you need to just add some updates. This will help you retain the rankings, and even go up a notch with the updated information.
  1. YouTube Optimized: When you search for an item, chances of finding a related YouTube video is quite high. So, why not make your website YouTube optimized?! Simply because these would fetch much higher rankings than content-based optimization. Thus, focus on both content and video optimization.
  1. Schema Mark-up: Well, schema mark-up is nothing new, but most websites have still not tapped the power of Schema. Schema helps search engines understand all the data on your website, which aids in improving your rankings.
  1. Topics need more Attention than Keywords: Algorithm of Google keeps on changing. Right now, it is on a path to understand the user’s intent. This is the reason for their intention of finding the best results to help solve the users’ query. You need to focus on the target audience, and then organize the content according to their preference into topics and themes.
  1. Building Backlinks: Backlinks are still prevalent in these times, and important too, if you are looking to gain good rankings. The change that has occurred is in the process of building the backlinks. You need to get rid of low quality links and replace them with links earned through top quality content. These are safe and effective, while the low-quality links can be harmful for your site.
  1. Appropriate Reporting & Analytics: Reporting and analytics is a crucial part of SEO. This helps improve your marketing strategies significantly. It can also aid in keeping a track of the journey of your customers from sales to marketing.
  1. Creative & Unique Content: When you keep feeding the same content, you are setting yourself for a disaster; because this makes the rankings fall rapidly. You need to ensure that new interesting content is loaded to the website on regular basis. You could also incorporate guest posts into your website. Duplicate or repetitive content should be avoided at all costs.

Now that you are equipped with such great strategies, go ahead implement them, and, gain attention from your target audience. With the constant changing scenarios of SEO, you will need to take every precaution, and, keep constant tabs on the changes. If played well, these SEO strategies are going to work perfectly for your website, making your brand a success.