Search engine optimization stands out as a highly important internet marketing tool. It is really important that you do all that you can in order to make your business stand out but if nobody sees it, there is no purpose to having a website. SEO is definitely a necessity and we are faced with many things that have to be learned when referring to search engine optimization.

Out of the different CMS systems that are used for sites these days, WordPress is definitely the most popular. It is great for SEO but many things are not properly understood when referring to business owner knowledge. Because of this, it is really important that you keep learning. The truth is that SEO for small companies can seem challenging. One of the different debates that appear is connected to whether pages or posts are better for search engine optimization.

Basics To Remember

  • A page is basically a static website. We can look at it as being a unique website inside a website. There are no changes that appear.
  • When saying posts we mean blog posts. These will change whenever you update, with some pages changing but not those that you uniquely create.
  • Both pages and posts can be independently modified as they are dominated by CMS. Based on choices, various modifications can be made.

Posts Or Pages For SEO?

We have many different things that have to be remembered about pages and posts when we want to optimize our websites. The outcome is affected by various things like plugins, the SEO tactics that you currently use and the themes that are installed on the WordPress website.

If we are to remove everything and only consider basics, we have to say that the posts are going to have much better results in search engine results. This is due to various different reasons. The most important thing is that we have an address that is constantly refreshing and updating its content. That automatically means that more attention is gained when compared to pages, which will not regularly change.

The real problem stands in the fact that there are many different things that you will need in order to optimize a website properly. That is why many will tell you that it does not really matter if you use posts or pages. It is important to add things to your WordPress installation like themes and plugins. Combine that with the various extra SEO tools that can be used and we are faced with quite a complicated task.

All the decisions that you will make can easily pay off but it is important to be extremely careful and always avoid various pitfalls like keyword stuffing and over optimization. Such practices would only lead towards search engines labeling pages as spam.


While posts will normally perform better in search engines, we have to realize that both pages and posts are just a small part of the massive SEO equation you need to deal with. They will both affect business success.