If you are a writer, do you remember how people reacted when you said you wanted to make a living out of it? True, it is not exactly the most secure of jobs, but you like doing it, and that is important. Saying you want to become a writer may have been “controversial” before; however, right now is a great time to become one because of Digital Marketing.

It is so easy to get a domain, purchase web hosting, and then start churning out articles. Budding authors are now investing time to create their websites, making sure that they are able to market themselves well to readers. They do this by writing articles about their struggles as an author, their experiences, and sometimes, just their thoughts about the world. But being a good content writer does not exactly mean you are a good copywriter, and knowing the difference will help you become better at both.

In this article, we will explore what makes content writing different from copywriting, and how you can use it on your website.

Content writing vs. Copywriting

Understanding the main difference between the two lies in your objective. What do you want to achieve with what you have written? What is its purpose?

The purpose of content writing is basically to inform. These are meant to share relevant ideas to readers, and as an author, this is what you are used to doing. When you write an article, you want the reader to learn more about you, your writing style, and the techniques you employ to craft an awesome story.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is meant to sell. Its purpose is to fulfill a specific action you intended them to do. For instance, if you want them to subscribe or buy your book in a specific store, you can write content that calls them to take action.

You can have good content without copywriting and vice versa

What people always forget is you cannot just choose to be one type of writer on the Internet. When it comes to people’s online behaviour, you are literally fighting millions of other things for their attention. So how are you going to capture that much needed reach if you focus on just one type of writing?

If you have awesome content and you are not selling it well, that is such a waste of content. And this applies to copywriting as well, even you are good at marketing your work, if the content is bad, it is not going to get the traction you want.

Use both content writing and copywriting to your advantage

So how do you combine them? It is simple really: for every content you churn out, make it worth clicking. There is a lot we say about click baiting, but at least it does the job. That does not mean you need to cheapen your headline and aim only to be clicked, just make sure that headlines are not dull and that your content is worth reading.

Share it on your social media accounts, and do not be afraid to tell people blatantly that you want them to purchase your work or to subscribe. Conversely, make sure that the work you are selling is worth buying. Good content is hard to come by, especially now that anyone can just publish their work online, so make the attention count.

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