Whether you’re a web designer looking for additional services to offer or just looking for a new business to start, selling hosting plans may be the right move for you. Business owners need hosting for their websites, and more and more individuals are looking to host their own blog. While actually maintaining all of the servers you’d need to truly host websites is expensive, white label reseller plans are an excellent alternative.

With reseller hosting, you’re able to offer hosting packages without having to worry about the actual hosting. You’re using the services of a trusted hosting provider. The “white label” term means that you can brand this service as your own. Customers never need to know that you’re not actually hosting the websites on-site.

Reseller hosting offers a wide number of benefits for small business owners. Consider some of the following reasons.

Broader Range of Services

If you offer web design services or search engine optimization, adding hosting to your range of services makes it easier for your customers to get everything they need. When a business is looking for your services, they may be more likely to choose your company over one that only offers a single service. It makes their lives easier. As a one-stop-shop, you may be able to charge more because you’re offering premium services. For instance, instead of just design, you’ll now be able to easily upload your customer’s website files and host the site. Customers will pay more to not have to deal with the hassle of doing this themselves.

Customer Retention

When your customers become hosting customers as well, you’re able to retain them almost indefinitely. A customer who needs design only might get that new website and then forget about your services. Including hosting in these packages means that you’ll be developing a long-term relationship with them. Your company’s name is always at the forefront of their minds, and you’ll be the first person they call when they need new web-related services. This long-term relationship also makes it easier for you to market related services.

More Money

Companies pay for hosting on a monthly or annual basis. Once you’ve set their website up, you typically don’t have to do a lot more work for the site to continue running. You can sometimes earn referral fees when you recommend a particular service, but that’s a one-time fee. Offering hosting means that you’ll be getting recurring payments from each customer. It’s easy to see how quickly your income can grow with this method, especially if you choose a high-quality reseller program. The monthly payment for a reseller account is usually quite reasonable. Depending on how much you charge for your hosting plans, you can recoup your costs with just a few hosting customers.

Minimizing Space Requirements

Hosting multiple websites requires a large number of servers. These servers need to be continually maintained in a temperature-controlled environment. Obviously, that’s a lot of work if hosting isn’t the main service that you’re providing. With white label hosting plans, though, you don’t have to keep all of the servers at your office. Without the space requirements, you can choose a smaller office with lower rent. You may even be able to run your company out of a home office while offering all of the services of a company with a fancy downtown office.

Lower Costs to You

In addition to lower rent costs, you also don’t need to worry about buying enough servers to host your customer’s websites. You won’t have to spend money to periodically update the servers. You also don’t have to pay for the energy costs that go along with keeping servers on at all times. For a relatively small investment in a reseller account, you will save your company a lot of money.

Letting Others Handle the “Dirty” Work

Additionally, when you resell hosting plans, you don’t need to handle any of the problems yourself. If one of your customers has a problem with the hosting plan, you work directly with the hosting company and their technicians will spend the time to troubleshoot the problem. This saves you time so that you can better focus on the true nature of your business.

Website hosting is an in-demand service, and you’ll do well to offer it as an option to your customers. With white label reseller hosting plans, you don’t have to worry about any of the messy back-end issues and maintenance. You simply charge customers for the service and cash their checks over and over again. Many hosting companies offer these types of reseller plans, so carefully consider options to choose the one that best fits your company’s needs.