Branding is hugely important when it comes to selling and marketing a product. Likewise, HACCP programs are on the rise for the production part of a product. So how and why are these two areas seeing a rise in emphasis, and becoming increasingly important with specifics to the food and packaging industries?

What is Brand Recognition?

To start with, let’s define what branding is. Branding recognition is the extent to which a consumer can identify a particular product or service just by seeing the logo, tag line, packaging or advertisement associated with that product or company.

Branding recognition relies on a consumer’s memory and their ability to recall prior knowledge. One of the ways successful companies have established this type of immediate recall is by repeatedly providing consumers with consistent visual or auditory references to their specific product. By ensuring a consumer is seeing their message often, it is most likely guaranteed to stay within the subconscious mind, allowing for immediate future association.

What is the HACCP Program?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. The HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety. To keep food safe from any biological, chemical and physical hazards in a production plant, this system is implemented to reduce risk of contamination, and to ensure that the finished product is safe to sell.

Taking a preventive rather than reactive approach, this program attempts to catch the problem at the onset, reducing wastage, labour and time, and keeping costs manageable. Industrial metal detector manufacturers provide the food industry with reliable methods of catching ferrous and non-ferrous metals that could gravely impact the quality of food being produced. The HACCP program has been developed so that it may be used at any or all stages of the food production line, ensuring that at every phase, the food in process is passing inspections.

Why Brand Recognition and HACCP Programs are Becoming Increasingly Important in the Food and Packaging Industries?

The reason why we’re seeing a rise in both brand recognition and HACCP programs with specifics to the food industry is because both retailers and consumers are much savvier than they were two decades ago. These days, the average modern consumer is better informed when it comes to making purchasing decisions, and quality really matters. Consumers want to know that the money they are spending is going towards a company or product that has unrelenting standards of quality and control, and thus the product they are purchasing will reflect that. Any bit of contamination discovered can hugely and negatively impact the brand’s success and reputation.

HACCP programs come into play here because of their ability to prevent contamination from occurring in the first place. Using these programs intentionally and with proper implementation is the key in ensuring your products won’t need recalls. Corporations are choosing to use this available technology in place of their current methods, to maintain a foolproof system that complies with their company standards on safety. By using metal detectors for the food industry, HACCP programs can successfully catch any sort of ferrous contaminants, ensuring the problem is identified at the source.

We can now see how brand recognition goes hand in hand here

For a company looking to increase its reliability and trust with consumers, using both HACCP programs and creating a strong brand recognition is key. If the products they are selling have an untarnished record of being safe, consumers will gravitate towards that brand.

Then, by creating a convincing marketing campaign, relatable tag line, and strong visual components, the company will be well on its way in establishing loyalty. Some other ways brands can establish strong recognition and trust is by providing excellent customer service. By having this within your company’s ethos, any time there is a problem, your customers can trust that it will be taken care of in a professional and caring way. Transparency is also something consumers are looking for in companies, especially bigger businesses. Showing a behind the scenes peek, telling the story of your brand in a personal way, and insisting on sharing your process helps consumers to believe in, and trust your brand.

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