When it comes to website net hosting, there are many mistakes that people make when they are creating their website. When it comes to net hosting, avoiding the mistakes that you find here are going to help you be more successful on the Internet. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Cluttering your net hosting website with badges – Badges that are from communities and networks are going to make your site look really unprofessional. One of the best places that you can put these kinds of things is on your page that talks about the company.
  • Using a homepage that launches your real site – Don’t do this. Extra steps are going to be annoying to your visitors.
  • Forgetting contact details – Nothing’s worse than the website that doesn’t have the contact details or has the outdated contact details.
  • Breaking the person’s back button – Let the person use their back button. You don’t want to take that choice away from them.
  • Using blinking text – You don’t know if someone is going to be visiting your website has a problem with seizures. The last thing that you want to do is to cause them to have a seizure. You are not going to win any customers this way.
  • Limiting searching on your website – Searching on the website is one of the best ways that people can find what you have on your website. Give them a search box and let them try to find what they are looking for.
  • Not using text navigation- This is one of the most reliable, fastest ways to take someone where you want him or her to go. This also gives people the links when they have their images off.
  • Using a complex navigation – Use something that is simple. The navigation structure on the website should be easy so that the people who are visiting the website know what they should do and where they should go. They are going to be more likely to return to the website when it’s simple.
  • Using introductions – Don’t force your visitors to read or watch something before accessing your real content. This is going to be really annoying, and the visitor’s only going to stay if you’re offering something that’s unique.
  • Limiting your website to one browser – The last thing that you want to do is format your website for one browser or another. Not everyone uses
  • Internet Explorer or Firefox, and the website should be viewable on just about every browser.
  • Not making links visible – Your visitors need to be able to see what’s clickable and what isn’t. Be sure the links have a color that is different from the text. You can also underline them for the added pop.
  • Coloring or underlining normal text – Along with the mistake that is directly above this one, you should not color or underline normal text. This is going to help your visitors to distinguish from the text that leads them to a link.
  • Not changing colors of clicked links – Make sure that your visitors can see where they have already been on your website. This is going to help them know what links they have already gone to and which ones they haven’t gone to yet.
  • Using animated GIFs – You shouldn’t use the animated GIFs unless the website has banners that require this kind of animation. The animated GIFs will make your site seem unprofessional and they are going to detract the person’s attention from your content.
  • Using harsh colors – Your website shouldn’t induce a headache. Look at your website for ten minutes consecutively. If you have a headache after ten minutes, chances are that your color scheme is too harsh.
  • Using pop-ups – Have you ever been to a website with pop-ups? Chances are that you have and that you found them annoying. So don’t put them on your website.
  • Having long pages – When a visitor to your website scrolls down on your page for reading the content, chances are that they aren’t going to read it.
  • Make your webpages shorter and improve your navigation structure.
  • Scrolling horizontally – Scrolling horizontally is as bad as scrolling vertically. Don’t make your website pages so wide that people have to scroll horizontally. Make them so they fit.
  • Not proofreading – Even though this isn’t really a mistake in web design, it’s a really important factor when it comes to your website looking professional. Proofread your content and make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

These are the mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to net hosting websites. This will make a big difference in the way your website visitors view your business. Avoiding them can make all the difference.

Author bio: Mickey Analwarty writes and produces content to share www.dailyhosting.net word on honest reviews.