Coupons Have Transformed: Goodbye Paper, Hello Mobile!

Marketers know that there isn’t a consumer alive who doesn’t like a good deal. That’s why for years advertisers have incorporated coupons into their marketing strategies. Today, coupons are just as effective as they were back in the 1960’s when families used to clip them from the Sunday paper to help cut household costs.

Of course, as times changed and technology improved, coupons evolved from paper to digital formats, giving marketers the opportunity to run sophisticated retargeting programs that hold greater appeal to mobile consumers.

So, if you were thinking that the days of coupons are long gone, guess again! Coupons have simply transformed from print to digital. You’re now likely to find more on your mobile than you are in your local paper.

Coupons have helped many retailers enter the mobile arena

According to research conducted by mobile development firm, PointSource, coupons are the number one method that pushed US retailers into mobile. In fact, nearly 60% of the US retail marketing and IT professionals surveyed said that their company utilized mobile coupons above any mobile tactic or technology. Furthermore, another 51% said that they offered mobile payments while 40% revealed that their company offered a loyalty app.

More specifically, eMarketer estimates that 46.5% of US retailers offered coupons in 2016. Moreover, they project that there will be growth in the share of US retailers offering mobile coupons and that by 2020 the share could reach 55.5%.

Apps that can save you money

While many retailers will send you coupons or savings if you’re a part of their loyalty plan, etc., you might not know that there are also many apps out there that can help you keep more money in your pocket, as well. For instance, here are some saving apps that you might find useful:

Shopkick – This is an app for iOS and Android that is a fun and easy way for you to get free gift cards that you can use at various stores. The way it works is you walk into your favorite stores compatible with the app, scan items, and purchase everyday products that you’d normally buy to earn reward points that the app calls “kicks”. ¬†Once you accumulate enough kicks you’ll get a gift card.

Ibotta – This is a free mobile coupon and cash back app (iOS and Android) that essentially gives you the opportunity to unlock cash back rebates. The way it works is you unlock rebates before you go shopping, buy the featured products at your favorite stores and then verify your purchase by taking a photo of your receipt to get your cash back.

Saving Star – Another savings gem for iOS and Android users, Saving Star is a free app that helps you save money on your groceries. It gives you the chance to earn cash back when you shop at your local grocery stores and submit a picture of your receipt. Once you reach $5.00, you can cash out and send the money to your bank, PayPal, make a charity donation, etc.

Of course, just like any coupon, don’t expect miracles from apps that can save you money. Remember, the perk of a coupon is that you save a little here and there and, if you’re a diligent user, the savings will add up in the long run.