When you’re focusing on digital marketing and advertising, there is a range of specific objectives you might have. You might want for example qualified leads, or you might want sales. You might also want to create awareness for your brand. If you’re a marketer you probably already know that your particular goals should drive your advertising and marketing strategies.

So, if you’ve defined your goal as brand awareness, how should you tailor your digital marketing and advertising?

Narrative-Based Social Media Content

One of the most compelling ways a lot of brands are building awareness and buzz is by creating an ongoing narrative with digital marketing. What this means is that you develop a story and you can release pieces of that story in increments. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer great platforms to make this happen.

Some of the big international and luxury brands are also partnering with celebrities to build these narratives around a character.

Storytelling should evoke emotions in your audience, and create a connection that they won’t quickly forget.

Display Advertising

Buying advertising and having simple display ads are also good for brand awareness. These ads show up on sites people frequent regularly, and they tend to see them without even maybe consciously realizing it. That type of repetitive exposure is an excellent tool for brand awareness.

It’s important for savvy marketers to look beyond digital advertising only for its benefits regarding direct response, and instead look to the benefits for branding.

If you’re going with display advertising, you’ll have to consider whether you want to target new audiences or build your brand with audiences that already have some knowledge of it. You may end up doing both ultimately.

Another fundamental concept to note within display advertising is remarketing. With remarketing, ads are shown to people who visited a site but didn’t convert. These same individuals then see remarketing ads everywhere when they’re online, and this will create the impression that you have a large, impactful brand. Remarketing is a valuable way to increase conversions and also generally develop brand awareness.

Publishing on LinkedIn

If you want to build your brand, particularly among potential influencers, ensure that you’re publishing content on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn publishing tool is incredibly valuable, and if you can garner enough attention, your content might end up in the LinkedIn homepage stream, which will you put you in front of countless people.

If you can reach influencers on LinkedIn or any other way, they can be another individual component of successful brand awareness strategies. You want to build partnerships with influencers in your industry or related to your industry that are mutually beneficial.

Many marketers focus on direct response campaigns, but perhaps even more important in some cases are brand awareness campaigns. Tips like the ones listed above are a good starting point to branch out into brand awareness with your marketing and advertising.