The Internet is a vast and incredibly valuable place for a business to advertise and market itself. An unprecedented audience is at your fingertips is one of the only tools that allows small businesses to compete with some of the largest companies in the business.  Just because your online doesn’t mean you’ll be found though. You need to make sure your website is in top shape to compete.

Staying Competitive

The difference between an internationally renowned company and a local run business means no difference if your web presence isn’t powerful and on point. Staying ahead of would-be competitors and having a website that shows you care is the number one aspect to staying relevant and functioning online.

One quick tip to stay competitive is to be constantly improving your online presence and store. That includes making sure you have a fast streamlined ecommerce page and efficient shipping practices. As well as creating a landing page that will draw customers in. All of these are only the tip of what you can and should be doing. The web is saturated with tried strategies. You need to think bigger.

Actionable Ideas

Many business owners will think about creating a good-looking user interface (UI), while this is important it’s only one step. The idea is to create something that comes after that called the user experience (UX). In a world where you can get to anything in an instant and time spans of mere seconds could be too long, you need speed and reliability.

Online consumers aren’t going to be waiting around for a website to load or searching for something they can’t easily find. (UX) has become a top priority for search engines and an important aspect of any website. Research has shown that 50 percent of visitors will leave a site if they can’t find what they were looking for.

It’s important to showcase products. Make sure that if you are a company that offers a wide range of products, you put special emphasis on your most premium or number one product. Often times customers won’t even know what they want yet, so having a specialized curated selection of products will help them decide and pick out what they’re trying to get.

Secured Website

The majority of people know that shopping online is a safe and effective way to go. We wouldn’t have things like cyber Monday if this weren’t the case. While online spending has skyrocketed to the top, it also means more security measures need to be put into place. Governments have even stepped in to provide comprehensive online information to protect you or your business from a cyber crime. Online security helps make you look and be secure. Certificates by Internet governing bodies helps showcase this to your customers.

There are great services out there that help to set up and renovate existing websites that can provide safety and other design features.  You can view, a digital marketing service that takes into account (UX), safety and design principles.

Applying Sound Principles

Though the Internet may be a fast and ever-changing place, there are certain design and optimization features that remain necessary in website development. The most important is a having a strong home page. You can never go wrong by telling potential customers what to expect and how to navigate around the website.  They should be greeted with a functional page that shows the professionalism of the company.

Employing SEO is always going to be on the top of a website checklist. The methods and optimizations may change, but the principle of being on the top of a search query is always important.  Building on multiple optimization tactics is the best way to go. The resources are numerous by applying new mediums through voice recognition to video search functions.

Don’t be afraid to embrace social media. It’s a medium that is still relatively new in the long run but has become an established part of marketing campaigns and being a tool to reach customers and gather new ones. Having a profile on each of the large social sites is an essential point towards success.

Overall, creating stellar content paired with sound practices will make sure your website is accessible and ready to be used. Take some time applying each of these design principles, SEO, user experience and interface interaction into account when creating or renovating a website. It’s the correct steps towards enhancing your web presence.

Charlie Phillips has close to a decade of business experience under her belt and throughout that time has grown her small indie business from scratch, even managing the technical/marketing side herself. She is now ready to share her tips with others who are looking to grow their business.