More and more we hear about this being the “mobile age” and how all companies need to be “mobile-friendly” in order to keep up with their competition. All the above mentioned is completely true. If you are a business owner, you need to stay current with consumer trends if you want to stay successful. It may seem like simple statement, or maybe the thought of mobile really intimidates you. But one thing remains; whether you are a small, locally owned business, or a big name department store trying to remain a big name department store, you must adapt to the new mobile environment.

Take a look at your current website. Is it mobile friendly? Better yet, is it responsive in design all together? Meaning, does it look as pretty as it does on a computer, and function just as well, on a smartphone or tablet? Also, is the user experience the same as when they land on your site from a phone as opposed to a computer?

Can they access your contact info, items, or social media links just as easily, if not better than, when they use a computer? This little concept is referred to as instant gratification. Not only does your site need to offer a great mobile experience, but the consumer need to be able to find what they need right away to make a decision.

Also, if you’re going to invest in mobile optimization, you need to maintain it. There is nothing worse than landing on someone’s site only to see it has an old WordPress theme from 2004, half the links are broken, and it is rendered absolutely useless. Make sure you update your theme as often as possible and do random sanity checks to make sure everything is working.

Remember, nearly 80% of today’s consumers are searching for things on their mobile devices. That means that if your site and your business are not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on nearly 80% of the potential business you could be bringing in. Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to mobile technology and consumer behavior.