As you are probably aware – especially if you operate a website – SEO is the best way to get above your competitors and have your site noticed. Today, SEO rankings are more competitive than they have ever been and getting on the first page of Google is very difficult.

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As a result of this, businesses which are utilizing SEO practices need a way in which they can measure and determine how well their SEO is performing. Aside from using the best SERP checker, there are many ways you can find out if your SEO is working and getting your site more noticed.

Here are a few simple ways you can find out if your SEO is working.

1. Check Keyword Rankings

If you have used an SEO agency (we recommend that you do!), they should be constantly tracking your keywords and reporting back to you with their performance. Improving keyword rankings is the classic and best way to increase website traffic.

Because Google’s algorithms are dynamic, it is important that you or your SEO agency are always watching your keyword rankings and how they are impacting your place in the Google search results. There is no sure-fire way to predict how well your site will perform in rankings, which is why it always needs to be monitored.

2. Look at Organic Traffic

The more organic traffic (i.e. traffic which has found your site through a Google search and has not been sent via other means), the better your SEO will be performing.

The whole point of investing time, effort and money into SEO is to increase your site’s organic traffic and therefore this is another metric which you or your SEO agency should be keeping your eyes on. It is important that you also take into account other considerations (such as seasonal fluctuations and industry search trends because these can change organic traffic hugely.

3. Look at Your Figures

With SEO, the proof is in the pudding. You should be looking at your company’s financial figures and seeing just how much your sales and profits have increased due to an increase in conversion rates.

If you have been working on your site’s SEO for quite some time now and are slowly starting to see an upward trend in relation to your sales figures, this is a pretty good indicator that your SEO is working and is driving up conversion rates. Increased sales don’t always mean your SEO is working, though, and it is important to consider whether other factors could have led to an increase in sales, such as a new marketing campaign or product launch.

SEO is the go-to way for any business that wants to improve its conversion rates and get noticed easily on the web. Because Google (and other search engines) are the primary way people search for websites, products and services, having your site optimized for these search engines is the first thing you should be doing when you want to drive traffic up.