Wireframes are basically website doodles, layouts, prototypes and mock-ups. Most people begin wireframes using pen and paper while there are others that use crayons and sticky posts. The more technically inclined people turn to design and graphic software and also website applications to layout both the feel and look of a website for a client or themselves. In fact wireframes are needed to get ideas down along with the design of the website fleshed out.

It is also important to work with clients for ensuring the developer/designer and the client all are present on a specific page. For those who desire in developing a website which matches the needs of the client accurately and minimizing project revisions, undoubtedly wireframing will keep them on track.

Importance of wireframes in the development of WordPress Theme

  • Wireframes are a vital step when it comes to a screen design process. Primarily, it will enable one in defining their design’s information hierarchy, making it hassle-free for them in planning the layout in accordance to how they desire their user in processing the information.
  • It is vital as it will allow a designer in planning the layout as well as the interaction of any interface devoid of getting distracted by copy, typeface choices and colors. For instance, if a user fails in figuring out exactly where to visit on a wireframe that is black and white, it really does not matter which shades they eventually use. Every button requires being obvious even if this is not brightly colored or shiny
  • Wireframes will make a WordPress development and design easier. It will keep one from having the need of reinventing the wheel each and every time they begin a new WordPress assignment
  • It can save weeks, days or hours of frustrating and annoying re-working. In fact, by using wireframes during the development of WordPress theme is that it will save time by up to 70{c584a3c71b685fcd96beea1844aef9782c2ee6d09f6362cffd32c21cdeda575f}
  • Wireframes offer a spatial orientation. In fact, without preconceived limitations, facts and ideas will flow more freely
  • It will focus on functionality. In fact, it will help in avoiding distractions like color choice till the ideas of surface level branding are finalized
  • Wireframes will help in prioritizing the work flow via leaving the core technical complexities till a solid foundation is established
  • Last but not the least wireframes will help in preventing the development of programming and graphics and also guide user traffic patterns against competing with one another

Effective wireframes/bare bones theme software

There are a couple of wireframe software that people can consider in their upcoming WordPress project. These are as follows,

  • Visio – This software comes equipped with pre-packed components which will enable one in creating flowchart representations easily of their wireframe. Visio is basically a mind-mapping or flowchart software.
  • Creately wireframes – This is a web based product with inbuilt real time collaboration making it perfect for working with clients and to get feedback on your wireframs. Similar to Visio you can draw many other related diagram like sitemaps, flowcharts and mind maps.
  • Photoshop – The perks of using this graphic software is that with the help of Photoshop the wireframe can directly be converted into graphic mockups of a website design. Here the only downside is one will require creating every element by hand.

Wireframe is minimalistic and awesomely simple. It is crispy, vivid and full of air as well as space. The specialty of wireframe is that it is hassle free to customize and also tune for one’s own style. Even creating a simple wireframe is likely to save time and thereby ease the process of development for the client, developer as well as designer. It is a crucial component of any application or web project.