If you are new to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and internet security, there are a loads of resources for you to look into when considering quality and results-driven strategies for your business. Most of the information is from companies looking to take advantage of what they believe you need and exploit your business with useless and inferior products and services all behind a bunch of made up, empty promises. To avoid falling into an unfortunate ditch, heed the advice in this article full of appropriate SEO and SEM solutions for new and veteran professionals alike.

Effortlessly Gain Insights into Your Business with the SEO Toolbar

Would you rather remain in the dark of your business’s SEO progress, drawbacks, failures, and successes, or see all there is to see with open eyes, catching every detail as your business reaches an all-time high or before a small problem becomes a big issue? The answer, everso evidently clear and simple, is yes; because a business without eyes full of insight, is not a progressive or successful business.

Ahrefs offers an elegant and advantageous SEO Toolbar (that fits right into your browser, if you so choose) offering detailed analysis and insight into the rank of your business website, your backlinks, referring domains, social media metrics for popular social media networks (i.e., Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter), and more, such as all-inclusive details and charts on your web pages and domains.

Not only can you monitor the data on your websites and pages, but you can monitor and compare the data on other websites (including your competitors), giving you the opportunity to better your business strategies to match competitors, or simply come out on top.

The SEO Toolbar is also conveniently available as a free browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, bringing your desired data quickly and easily.

Strategically Solve Your Business’s SEO Problems with SEO Reports

SEO reports do not just tell you what you might already know, like the number of twitter followers you have, how many people commented on your website’s blog, or the number of words you have on your home page. They go so much deeper on a scientific-like data analysis level, studying the anatomy of each page you create, paragraph you write, pictures you add and describe, the way you title your pages, headings, and blogs, and how keywords are linked within every page of your website for optimized results and overall business improvement.

The SEO Reports tool option from Ahrefs checks all of the above and more, including duplicate pages, 404 error page returns, and broken links, ensuring your entire website is error-proof, results-driven, and strategically presentable to customers/consumers and even competitors. It is one of the most important and valuable tools to have when you and your team are deciding how you will solve and, in due course, improve your business’s SEO and marketing problems.

Ahrefs offers the SEO Reports feature is every single one of its paid monthly or yearly plans, allowing everyone to enjoy and benefit from the modern tools of Ahrefs and their SEO Reports.

Build and Improve Your SEO Strategies with Trend Micro’s Internet Security

After you have began to monitor and change your business website for the better, the next item on your business to-do list is to protect everything you have created online for business with the advanced technology of Internet Security.

For businesses, internet security is a significantly important priority that helps protect against hackers, viruses, identity theft, and more, allowing a smooth and untroubled atmosphere for business professionals of small and large businesses. According to Forbes, “Consumer information, employee records, proprietary and trade secret information, and intellectual property are all available for the taking if infrastructures are not properly protected and contingency plans developed should a breach occur.”

Internet security tools need to fulfill the promise of safeguarding businesses from identity theft such as spam emails with phishing scams, enhancing social media privacy on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn by identifying the selections within your privacy settings that could release and expose business information and trade secrets, and blocking harmful websites that pose the risk of transferring viruses through means such as links within web pages, emails, messages, and more.

Protecting your use of the web and its different online resources for your business through internet security will prove beneficial in the long run by allowing you and your team to conduct business safely for you, your customers/consumers, and any and all visitors or people you interact with on a daily basis through social media, networking, employment opportunities, events, online transactions, and more.

Making the Transition to Better Business Monitoring and Management

Making the transition to better SEO monitoring through insight, analysis, and internet security for your business is not a difficult task or goal to pursue if, ultimately, the results of your tactical decisions turn your business into the business you envisioned. The only thing you need to do now is start.