The issue of approaching information storage places to the end user can be solved in different ways. Static web content is heavy enough to be transported over long distances.

Therefore, the farther the distance between the user who makes the request and the server on which this information is stored, the longer it takes.

And that means:

● page freezing

● long waiting time

● loss of customers as a result

A CDN service that can be considered a distributed cloud is used to avoid these problems.

What is the Essence of CDN

Content Delivery Network distributes a system of proxy servers that cache or download content requested by the end user. With numerous proxy servers in different parts of the world, the delivery of heavy or static information becomes instantaneous.

This is exactly what the G-Core Labs is doing for business clients. The company has set itself the goal of creating the ideal infrastructure for cloud computing. Modern e-commerce requires instant solutions, and this necessitates a high-quality and widely branched CDN.

The Most Effective CDN + Cloud Format of Information Delivery 

The ideal option is a combination of CDN services and the cloud to operate all the information you need for your business:

● CDN would allow instant transfer of heavy content such as videos, streaming, games

● the cloud would serve to convey light or dynamic information

To do your business in an e-commerce environment, you need a fast and reliable information transfer system. CDN, which can be considered a distributed cloud, has all the necessary qualities to create the information foundation of your business.

Whatever the specific area of your activity, G-Core Labs will find the most optimal solution for its information support. The company team is distinguished by high professionalism, which allows it to adapt cloud services to the needs of your business.