The world of advertising is currently expanding at an incredible rate. Everything is going towards the online environment as more and more users connect to the internet. This is a reality that most of the companies need to adjust to in order to make it in their markets. There are far more internet users that can be reached throughout the web in a matter of seconds. So, in this digitalized world, where does printed advertising stand?

Specific targeting

The big disadvantage with mass online communication is the fact that it’s addressed to the entire world, even if the targeted audience is far more specific. This can be rather unsatisfying because the amount of money spend on online advertising still has a lower return of investment rate if not properly targeted. (with the rapid growth of the internet, this aspect will soon be changing).

With the help of various printed materials such as booklets, flyers, posters and billboards and even business cards, companies can target specific segments of their audience. Of course, there is a waste of money in this type of advertising as well, because it is quite complicated to find locations where just the target audience hangs out, but it’s easier.

A reminder

Believe it or not, printed media is a reminder of the brand. Imagine taking a flyer home informing you about a certain product or service. It might lay around the house for a while, but when you will be needing something related to that product, the flyer will be available to be checked and it will offer a great deal of information.

Less intrusive

Think about all the spamming that the online environment has. You need to close 5 ads before seeing the content of the website you are interested in. When it comes to printed media, things are a lot different. You don’t feel spammed when you are reading a brochure about a popular company in the Auto industry. With this type of media, people get to choose what to see when it comes to advertising and that is something that gives them control.

For example, the booklet printing by has created booklets and brochures that offer concise and specific information about their clients. One of the testimonials talks about the fact that he got to learn about the company and what it does without having to close 3 ads and see 10 seconds of a certain video. It was simple, appealing to the eye and it delivered the message.

Of course, the best approach for a company is to use both environments in order to communicate with their targeted audience. In this way, they can cover a whole lot of ground. A great piece of advice here is to never be intrusive when it comes to your prospective buyer. Any great company knows that the buyer won’t choose the same brand twice if it hasn’t built a personal relationship with that specific brand. People are making their decisions based on emotions and if a person has a negative feeling about a brand, he won’t choose it. Period.