Nowadays, it seems like everybody is working more hours and using the same old “no time to exercise” excuse more than ever.

This is particularly true for web developers since most of them work from the desk, hence they practically have no time to go out or go to the gym and exercise. But what if you could actually exercise at work?

how to jump higher office

Well, while this won’t make you get to the Olympics, you can actually do some muscle strengthening, stretching, and even short stints of aerobic workouts at your desk. After all, doctors say that any amount of exercise is better than none. Here are some simple exercises any web developer can comfortably perform at their desks.

Jumping Jacks

This exercise gets your blood pumping and helps warm up and tone all the muscles in your body. It can be done either as a warm-up workout before other activities, or done on their own. It’s an aerobic exercise with benefits that are similar to jogging but you do not have to go anywhere. All you need is enough space at your sides to move your arms up and down. You can do jumping jacks when you feel anxious, sleepy, or when you simply need to re-set your energy.

To perform this workout, stand tall with your arms down and your legs straight. Slightly bend your knees and then jump and spread your legs apart whilst raising your arms straight over your head. Bring your arms and legs back down together, and repeat the process. It may take you some practice if you have not done these in a while and don’t know best ways on how to increase vertical jump. But keep trying and you’ll finally get it. This is one of the best ways on how to increase vertical jump, but it can also help you relieve anxiety and be active enough to continue with your work.

Office Chair Squats

This simple office workout can be one among the most effective strengthening movements. Start by standing as tall as you possibly can and relax your shoulders. Then, lift up your toes to the top of your shoes. This will help center your feet and ensure you’re doing the squats properly. While keeping your back straight against something like a bifold door, lower your bum to about one inch from the seat of your chair. Hold that posture for ten seconds. Remember to keep your knees behind your toes so as to keep stress off your knee joint. Your bum should be the first muscle that lifts your body back to its standing position.

Desk Press

This office workout will help strengthen both your upper body as well as your core. While maintaining your body in a straight line using your main muscles, do a push up with your elbows at a ninety-degree angle. While you’re holding this position, perform ten knee-drives, followed by five push-ups. Do three to four reps of this workout.

Business Flight

This office exercise targets the areas, which are usually compromised while working at a desk, particularly the mid-back regions and the hamstrings. Start by standing as tall as you possibly can. Pull your shoulders and your head back and down in order to form a perfect posture position. By using your hips as a pivot, bend over whilst standing on one leg and extending your other leg so that your torso and that particular leg are parallel to the floor. Hold that position for three seconds, and then go back to your original starting position. Perform this workout for one minute before you switch legs and repeat the workout.

Office Hip Hiker

Nearly any web developer working from the desk must have had at least an episode of lower back pain over the course of their career. Performing this simple workout in your office can provide so much relief from an aching lower back. Start by sitting upright. Lift up one of your glutes almost off the chair and return it back to the chair. Repeat this on the other side. Do the exercise in a continuous side to side swinging motion for thirty seconds.

In conclusion, for a web designer who is weighed down by work, the realization that a fitness center or a gym isn’t really necessary for workout is one of the main starting points to better health. So, try out the above simple exercise and see for yourself how your life will change for the better.