It’s now officially 2018, and there’s no reason businesses of all sizes shouldn’t have an app. Apps have tremendous benefits for customers, and they’re becoming a requirement as part of any strong digital marketing strategy.

What do apps accomplish for businesses?

A few of the benefits include a direct channel to customers, the ability to segment highly specific groups of customers for better ROI with marketing, and the ability to collect valuable data about customers.

Many businesses have decided that the best option is to outsource mobile app development because they get a professional app that’s customized to their business, without needing to bring on a technical team or go through trial and error that’s costly and time-consuming.

The following are some things to know about outsourcing mobile app development.

The Cost Varies

If you’re wondering what the specific cost of developing an app is, the truth is that there’s no definite answer to that.

It can vary significantly.

A lot of small businesses are surprised with how low the cost is for what they’re looking for, but depending on the complexity and features of the app, it can cost quite a bit. It’s like with anything else—the more you want, the more you’ll pay.

You may work with developers that charge a fixed price, or you could go with something that’s hourly.


Along with the technical expertise, for a lot of companies considering outsourcing app development to a third-party, the biggest benefit is that it can be done quickly.

If app development is done internally, it can be a very long process, and for smaller businesses or startups, they might not even have the available resources to do it internally.

Developers know how to get things done well and quickly, and those can be a big draw if you’re weighing whether or not to outsource.

Just as an example, a good development service is going to have prebuilt applications to speed up production time, and the ability to develop for both iOS and Android simultaneously.

Quality Work

When you’re deciding on a firm to work with, thinking about the quality of work is extremely important. It may be tempting to outsource development overseas to save money, but is the quality going to be there?

Giving your app users a poor experience can haunt your business for a long time.

You want to consider reputation and overall processes for quality control before you partner with a developer.

Finally, when you’re in the process of outsourcing app development, don’t just think about the development itself. It’s so important that you think about what happens after the app is complete. What level of control will you have?

Will you be able to maintain the app and make changes easily when necessary?

How will the app integrate across the other platforms you use?

These are all questions that need to be asked before entering into a relationship with a developer, and a top app development firm is going to have all the answers to these questions.