An explainer video is worth a million words and that is why most internet companies invest in such videos more than articles or blogs.Explainer video basically explain to the audience specific details of the company and what it deals in. Though shorter than most articles, these video have been found to be instrumental in increasing conversion rates and here is how to make effective explainer videos. Following Oskar Majzner’s words, CEO of

“Promotion videos are growing in popularity more and more because they offer an opportunity for you to connect your customers in a direct way to you company, products and services. Time is valuable to your customers and most often they don’t want to waste much of it reading through complex and lengthy text to understand a product or service.”

  1. Identify what you need to explain and the audience

Most companies are engrossed in the product they wish to offer and as they create these videos, the assumption is that they already know what the audience need as well as probable answers to the questions they might have. That is certainly a misconception and the appropriate approach would be to find out what is needed directly from the customers through surveys, real-time customer support widgets on your site, asking users to participate in recorder + live user tests, among other approaches.

  1. Have a script of the video

As much as animation is important, the conversion you are seeking to realize is all tied up in the script, which also influences customer behavior. That is why you need one and through it, you will be able to capture the attention of your audience all through, identify areas of concern, address the concerns, demonstrate through social proof and take an actionable step. All these aspects are put together in the video in short concise manner, which eventually reaps great results.

  1. Get the voice over

In any explainer video, the voice will definitely precede the animation and it is advisable to start with the voice followed by the animation. The reason is because it is easier to match the animation with the voice over when the latter comes first. This gives the animator the advantage of timing the animation with the voice and if you opt otherwise, you will need to edit different aspects of the animation and there will be no correlation at all between the voice over and animation.

  1. Get the animator

Finding a committed animator is an essential part of the whole process and such an individual is one that is willing to put in the necessary effort to go the extra mile. That has to do with the ability to capture the attention of clients without losing them along the way, which will ultimately influence their behavior and cause them to take action. Over and above this, a competent animator needs to capture every aspect of your script and trim the same script to create a story that flows seamlessly. Music and sound effects are important ingredients for any animation and a reliable animator should be in a position to help you choose the best of both of these to make the explainer video fun and lively. That is exactly what your audience is looking for in these videos.

  1. Publish and analyze the analytics

Once the video is ready, you can share it with the rest of the world by publishing it and thereafter, you need to research on the feedback of your audience regarding the video explainer you have just published. That will help you realize whether your video is effective or not so as to adjust accordingly to gain more meaningful results. The A/B test will help you measure the effectiveness by testing various elements.


Using explainer videos can help your business reap big in the business arena even in the initial stages and for it to achieve desired results; you need to consider each of these aspects. Once implemented, you will realize more conversions within a shorter period, compared to what is the case of other options of attaining this same goal.