If you are in the market to purchase a domain for your upcoming official company website, there are a number of surprises, both pleasant and otherwise, that are bound to be in store for you. On the positive end, you may well be surprised at the widely expanded range of features and conveniences that modern domain hosting packages contain. But at the other end, it may be hard for you to resist falling prey to a “too good to be true” package deal offered by a fly by night scam artist. How can you know when an offer is fully legitimate?

Check The Fine Print Below The PriceĀ 

When it comes time to buy a domain name, it’s an excellent idea to check out the fine print below the price, and to remember the old adage that you get what you pay for. So what exactly are you getting for the price you pay? Not only should you be getting the precisely stated amount of time for your site hosting, but there are a host of other components, such as an online web store, 24/7 support, and increased interactive features that should also be included in the deal.

Online Support And Virtual Office Support Are Mandatory Features

The domain hosting company that you sign with should not only be able to guarantee you a highly visible and attractive official company site, but should also be able to offer you full 24/7 tech and customer support to back their claims. After all, a site that goes down due to a server glitch and takes days or weeks to come back online is a site that disappears from public view – and takes thousands of dollars of potential profits right along with it.

At the other end of the scale, you should also expect to receive full virtual office support that you delegate tedious and time consuming tasks to. These tasks may include tracking orders from customers and merchandisers, compiling incoming and outgoing invoices, handling customer’s complaints and complicated technical issues, and the like. Knowing that you can gain a trusty, reliable source of virtual office support to handle these issues should go a long way toward determining which service provider you sign with at the end of the day.

If You’re Going Online, Go All The Way

If you’re going to go into business on the web, you’ll need to make full use of all of the available features, and should never consider signing a deal that doesn’t include them. For example, if you are conducting your business through the Internet, without a physical location, then it makes no sense to have a website that doesn’t include an online store that can sell your goods and services directly to the public.

All of these features should be included when you sign a deal with a domain hosting service. By insisting on the full package, you guarantee the future productivity and profitability of your business.