It is an online ecosystem of education that we have entered. In many certification industries, organizations are turning towards an enhanced digital examination solution for their candidates. This helps the students undergo their exams with ease and comfort by choosing the place and time of their own. One simply needs a computer and a webcam to appear in their exams successfully. 

A significant growth trajectory is seen in the higher education market, where examinations have been streamlined with the help of certain online invigilating software. One such safe and convenient to use are the proctored exam software.

In order to ensure credibility and authenticity of the exam, monitoring software is employed on the test takers. It is done to keep a check on both the audio and video of the exam. 

How remote proctoring of exam works?

The new generation proctored exams are time-based examinations conducted with full proof ways to avoid unauthenticated measures that can be used while giving any test. Gone are the days when examination centers heard the whispering voices of children, etc.

Thus, these proctoring exams are the next-generation anti-cheating lockdown models. The on-time data recording facility provides the recording of data at a huge level. The data can be then maintained according to the need of end-users for further reviews.

Those who are undergoing online examinations must make sure to have certain verified certificates to make it successful.

  • They need a fully supported version of windows with a supported browser.
  • The proctored tests internet connectivity requirements, which basically needs a good high-speed internet connection.
  • The latest version of the webcam facility on the computer.
  • As soon as the exam starts, the software will run a step by step scan of the room and subsequently ask the child to upload their photo ID. 
  • All other navigation pages on the computer must be closed before starting the online examination.

While taking the exam, the proctoring software thoroughly monitors the computer. It continuously streams the exam data to the proctoring software via the cloud services. None of the students can access any other website or data while taking remote examinations.

Benefits of undertaking proctored exams for both test takers and test centers

  • Systematize and simplify the experience – The moment the candidate enters the center, every step is simplified, making it an overall smooth and reliable process. It confirms automated check-ins and exam readiness without any flaws. For the test takers, it helps in more refined test delivery and a quick result process.
  • Flexibility and accessibility – For the education process to be authentic such monitored online examinations make high-stakes, in turn, undertaking the largescale exams exceptionally in a secure, reliable, and fair manner. On the other hand, the easy access and flexible terms provided makes it even simple for the takers.
  • Secured test environments – The advanced security measures ensure that the tests are controlled in a secured environment. It restricts the registered candidate from opening any unauthorized websites during the exams. Thus, there are no scopes left for any cheating tools, making it a highly secured form of an online platform to monitor examinations.
  • Support tools and special promotions – With the proctored exams, many promotional marketing tools help both the test takers and organizers. Volume discounts, special promotions, and other support tools are provided to the test organizers to give their best to the children. It also adds value to the certification of the test takers.
  • Provide a road to success – For the test centers, such online examinations give a platform to the children to have access to different certifications and qualifications sitting at home. It enhances their overall skills and knowledge. At the same time, the test takers get the advantage to complement their offerings and help them grow.

How to select the best online proctoring tool?

  • One does not require investing in multiple online tools. A comprehensive smart proctoring tool serves everything for the universities and schools to automate their online exams. The tools must provide basic things that every organization seeks when it comes to online examinations.
  • An excellent online proctoring service makes sure to offer a scalable assessment. The software must be so convenient and robust enough that it can handle ten to thousands of children from all over the globe to undergo the online exam without any hurdles. 
  • A good user experience is a must for both the students as well as the universities. It should have a smooth and user-friendly interface. Any glitches in the product can hamper the candidate’s performance. 
  • Selecting the best online service tool means to have an online assessment ready as real as the offline exams. Thus, the proctoring service tool should be easily customized not to hamper the overall performance. There are many software variations present in the market. However, the best is to have the features customized that suit the systems well.
  • It is worth to invest in comprehensive end-to-end software that makes the job easy rather than going for cheap stunts. The proctoring exams are just a one-time investment that helps you save much productive time. Thus, the cost is also a factor to consider. 
  • Another rut of looking for the best-proctored service tools is the technical support that we cannot forget. Hosting time-sensitive exams online is a big task that requires a team of professionals always ready to solve the problems. 

Future of Proctored examinations in coming years

Remotely proctored exams are the new generation exams in India and everywhere around the globe. They are the way forward in education. Earning professional certifications have become a way easy for individuals with the help of digital solutions. This advancement has brought up growth in the education sector, giving everyone chances to perform at the competitive platform. The shift in the era of education is the need of the hour due to the global pandemic.

Learning and assessment should go on without stopping. The AI tools of proctored exam software help the schools, colleges, and universities to make it a platform for the children to enhance their learning.