Is it possible to run your business online and be completely sure of its security and financial data privacy? What can you do to manage your business in a way which is completely secure to use for you as an owner and your customers as simple Internet users? Have you ever imagined what can happen to your business if, for example, your domain name is stolen, your website is paralyzed by hacker attacks, or your banking transactions are leaked to the third parties? The problem of a lot of online businesses is that their owners don’t realize that the companies fully depend on the level of cyber security they have.

This is the most important thing they cannot neglect in order to run a company on a regular basis. If you risk a cyber security, you risk a whole business. So, what can you do to avoid this?

You have to use industry’s best practices to make sure your online business activity is 100{c584a3c71b685fcd96beea1844aef9782c2ee6d09f6362cffd32c21cdeda575f} protected. Let’s start with the very simple thing you can do by yourself. We highly recommend visiting Free VPN Sites to get a free VPN as a basic protection of your data for some standard operations we all do via public networks. It is a common situation when we do banking operations or answering important emails sitting in a restaurant or in the airport. Having a VPN installed provides the first level of protection all computers and smartphones need, especially when they are used to run a business.

The next things we’re going to talk about are more on the advanced side of data protection and are recommended for any online platform you have.

Protect Your Business Online

So, what other things can you do to be sure that your business activity and online assets are completely secure and private?

This will help you to achieve basic security standards everyone should stick to.

  • Two-factor authentication. Make the access to your emails and important accounts a little bit more complicated than usual. What two-factor authentication does is enabling the access to a certain website or account without permission from two different devices. For example, your smartphone and your laptop or tablet. There are a lot of types of two-factor authentication methods available today. Consider having one of them.
  • Unique passwords instead of long passwords. Be creative with your passwords. It is better to use a phrase of completely unrelated words for your passwords than just a selection of random figures. And never use the same password for different accounts related to your business.
  • Up-to-date software. Keep your website and the plugins always up-to-date. It concerns small email programs and programs that track the statistics of your website visiting too. Apply it to any computer and device, used for running a company. Up-to-date software means better-protected software.

Use these tips to improve the security level of your online business. As almost 80{c584a3c71b685fcd96beea1844aef9782c2ee6d09f6362cffd32c21cdeda575f} of large companies are regularly being attacked by cyber criminals and hackers. Make data protection a top priority for your company.

And which of these methods are you ready to use right now to protect your own business?