Cloud storage is very popular these days and it’s not just another marketing gimmick from tech corporations. In this article, we will discuss what is cloud storage and some reasons why it should be part of your business – including small and startup business.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a service where data is remotely maintained, managed, stored and backed up. The service allows the users to store files online so that they can access them from any location using any device as long as it is connected to the internet.

According to a research, nearly two out of three global businesses are now using some form of cloud-based storage so why not consider this for your startup business too, right?

Here are some top reasons why cloud storage should be part of your business:

  1. Protect your data against disaster –one of the worst nightmares for any business is data loss. Did you know that only six percent of companies survive for more than two years after experiencing significant data loss? And surely, you do not want this to happen to your business. This is why you need cloud storage. It protects your important data from loss due to server failures, natural disasters like flood, fire or whatnot and most commonly, mistakes of employee or you, yourself. With cloud storage, you are confident that your files are safe and secured.
  2. Accessibility – have you experienced the hassle of accessing files on your work computer while you are on a trip? This is especially a big problem if you need to get a hold of big files and you cannot send it via email. Well, with cloud storage, you should not worry about that. No more stress because all your stored files can be accessed any where and using any device. No need to keep your work computer on so you can access files remotely. And in this modern world where everything is fast-paced, accessing your files any time, any wherewithout a problem is such a necessity.
  3. Cost savings –instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to maintain your own physical servers each month, you only need to pay for what you need. Cloud storage offers different packages and you can choose which fits your business and you can upgrade or downgrade any time.
  4. Reduce the size of your IT department –IT department is very important to run a business but for a small and startup business, this can be very costly. However, with the help of cloud storage, you can significantly reduce the size of your IT department. You can hire one or two IT personnel instead of an entire department. You, yourself can easily manage your files stored in cloud.
  5. Save on bandwidth –lastly, you do not need to email files to individual which can eat up a chunk on your bandwidth. You just need to send them a web link so they can access the file you want them to see.

It is time to join the wagon and consider the use of cloud storage for your small business. There are many cheap but reliable cloud storage packages that you can subscribe to. For a small amount, you will certainly get the best out of it.