Did you know that you can work from anywhere with only your computer and Wi-Fi? If not, you know it now. From the day the internet was invented there started to appearing jobs that do not require office or any working place, it only required the computer and the internet. Now, when there is an internet connection all over the world, you can travel and work from wherever one wants. I am going to share you with several ideas on how you could achieve this yourself.

Keep in mind, that in this kind of jobs you cannot procrastinate and you need to be productive. The best Pomodoro timer for your productivity tool: Trello, Asana, Todoist, Evernote – PomoDoneApp can help you to be more productive. Basically, in remote jobs the more you work, the more you make. So you can find the best work and life balance you want.

Here are 15 remote job ideas that you can start right now.

Sell Your Digital Goods

Maybe you are a photographer, writer or just a creative person that makes digital art. You can create your own digital store and sell your products either it is books, digital paintings or images. I recommend you choose the Best Ecommerce Platform to Sell Digital Downloads. Free Trial – Sellfy. You will be able to easily set it up your online store there and sell your digital products instantly.

Web Developer

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Web developers are in a great request now. There are still businesses that have a bad website not optimized for mobiles and tablets as well as there are companies without any website. So you can offer your web developer skills to them. If you do not have any skills yet, you can learn them online in web development courses on YouTube, Treehouse or Codeacademy.

SEO Specialist

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is one of the most crucial things to succeed in online businesses. Most of the traffic these days comes from search engines such as Google and Bing. For companies, that are dependent on website traffic it is important to be SEO friendly. Here you could come and offer your SEO services. You can take online MOZ SEO classes to learn about this subject.

Become Interpreter or Translator

It is a big chance that you are bilingual. If so, you might try to become a translator or interpreter. You can create your own WordPress and social media accounts to market yourself. Also, you can search for job offers through Google, Upwork or Freelancer platforms.

Fulfillment by Amazon

If you have some kind of manufacturing business, you can automate it and sell your products on Amazon using their FBA program. It might take some time to make it automatically enough that you could travel but once it is done you are free from the working place. There are various tools that can help you to make this process quicker. AccelerList.com allows you to leverage fast product listing tools and simplifies the FBA business management.

Start Online Tutoring

Maybe you were good at literature, math or science in school. You might try to tutor some of those subjects online. However, do not limit yourself to school subjects. Perhaps you are a programmer or an artist so you can search for students that would like to learn the art of your profession from you online. You might become some kind of a mentor as well.

Become Copywriter

Copywriting is writing for advertising or marketing agencies such as things as sponsored posts, blog posts or traditional ads. It might not be the most exciting and highest paying job but if you create a good reputation for you and learn some SEO. You might make a pretty good amount of money.

Write Transcriptions

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Perchance you have good listening skills and you type fast. This job might be good for you. Also, it is not that difficult to become a transcriber. There are several ways of starting transcription business. First of all, you can search for a job through freelancing platforms. Secondly, you can contact certain companies or Youtubers and ask them if they need a transcriber. Do not forget to ask about the possible salary.

Become a Customer Support Person

Good customer support is a key to successful business. It is crucial for a company to have a lot of positive feedback to be able to run further. You might try to contact companies ask if they need customer support services that you could provide. You might offer them to build a knowledge base with HelpJet Knowledge Base Software. Also, you might provide with their contact, feedback form management. If they do not have one, you can offer them to create a powerful form with WordPress form plugin.

Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are searching for a virtual assistant. They do not get paid a lot but probably the best thing that you can learn being a virtual assistant is how to successfully run a business, build a network as well as have a mentor that could teach you the art of entrepreneurship. You can contact particular bloggers, YouTubers or other people and ask them if they need a virtual assistant.

Travel Photographer

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If you like to travel and you have a good eye for photos, this job might be perfect for you. Some travel agencies pay people to go to a tourist destination and take photos of it that they could later use it in their holiday pack promotions. This field is pretty competitive but if you stay consistent, build your own portfolio and pitch every agency you find. You will surely breakthrough and will be making a good living out of it.

Start Blogging

You probably have an area of expertise or at least an area that you would like to become an expert. So you could try to start a blog about that subject, write articles that would be interesting for people to read. For example, if you are trying to becoming an expert in that field you might try to tell your story of how you are succeeding or failing. The story of your road to expertise. Writing sometimes requires a lot of time so you might check what additional apps you might use on Setapp.com to increase your work output.

Start Managing Social Media

This is probably the best idea for people who like to spend a lot of time on social networks and know how these things work. It is pretty easy to get into this field because a lot of companies started and are starting to use social media although they do not make it really efficient. You can contact them and offer your services with the goal that you are aiming to achieve and what you can do for them.

Become an eBook Author

Now, everyone can be its own publisher and sell their books on Amazon. If you have an interesting story or know how to become something, you can just write an eBook and publish it on Amazon. It might take a lot of time to write a good and buyable book, however, it allows you to earn a passive income that you never expected possible.

Become a Graphic Designer

You can think become a graphic designer. Graphic design is such a versatile industry that probably everyone could find their niche in it. You can design website themes, paint a virtual painting and sell them, create app designs and much more. There are many online courses that you can pick to learn graphic design.

Final thoughts

Here are the possible remote jobs that you could do. There are many more possibilities out there in a web, you need just to search for it. Try to stay organized and use Best Project management tool to manage your work assignments and business relationships.

If you do not succeed working a remote job, you can always come back to the office jobs. There are certainly be a skill that you learned during the remote job experiment and you should check resume examples to find how you can incorporate them into your resume.