You’re a remarkable person. Let’s hear it for you. You are talented and capable and educated. Simply by waking up in the morning and going in to do your work, you are able to achieve things that 90% of the other people out there simply couldn’t dream of. So why don’t your web efforts perform better?

If you are a web professional, you aren’t competing with the bottom 90% of people. You’ve already beat them. They’re not even in your league, much less your industry. You’re competing against the 5% of people who have a similar level of knowledge and ability to you. And the fact is, some of these folks have got you beat.

In the world of internet business, these are the sorts of people whose efforts are visible. These are the marketing campaigns that succeed, the web pages that get accessed, and the products that get sold. So you can create an app. Congratulations. So you can create a WordPress website. Whoop-dee-do.

You may be stuck in the “Big Fish/Small Pond” mindset, and it’s holding you back from achieving the best things you are capable of. Big Fish are the people who achieved a certain level of skill at their craft early in life. Maybe you were the only kid in your class who knew how to use Photoshop well. Maybe you could code at a level unknown in your first year at college.

In the real world, though, there are a ton of people who do what you do. When placed alongside the work of hundreds of thousands of other people in your industry, who do what you do about as well as you do it, your best work loses its luster. If you’re building a personal brand (or someone else’s for that matter) on the back of work that impressed the folks back home but fails to meet world standards, your efforts will only go so far.

So what’s all this tough love talk amounting to. Well, I want to urge you to extend your efforts by seeking out the help of people more talented or specialized than yourself. If your livelihood depends, in part, upon a web presence, and you do not have the skills to make it as good as it can possibly be, acknowledge this fact and hire the best creative minds at WSI.

By taking your web presence from the A- that you can pull off on your own to the A+ that the industry’s best minds can create, you’ll move your brand or business to a level you could never achieve on your own. This is the way all brands work. No creative person, no matter how talented, can handle all aspects of an internet existence as they should be handled. Part of growing as a business person is to recognize this fact and to hire the right people accordingly.

In the end, you’ll find that the people you hire are just like you: talented, but not in every single way. That why we have agencies and specialists. The specialists know how to take a specific task to a remarkable level of achievement. And their teammates can do the same thing in other areas. They’re all Big Fish too, they’ve just learned to find an application for their talents rather than trying to run every aspect of the show on their on. Do the same and your web presence can be taken to the next level.

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