2015 has arrived, and if you are sick to death of New Year’s resolutions that fail after the first month (usually those involving health and fitness!), then why not try making some you really can stick to for the whole year, and which will give you plenty of benefits (though won’t make you look better in a swimsuit by July). As a blogger, you can take this fresh new year as an opportunity to revamp your website, and get into some new habits that will make your blogging more effective. Here are three ideas:


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Give Your Blog A New Look

If you have been writing your blog for a few years, now may be a good time to look at the layout and theme and see if there is anything there you could now be doing better. Most bloggers first create a blog they are happy with, and are then reluctant to tamper with the look out of concern for wrecking the whole thing or confusing users with changes. However, from compatibility with mobile devices through to ways of displaying functionality like plug ins, the basic themes you can use for blogging are improving all the time, and applying something new is often very simple. If you are concerned with keeping your branding very consistent as you move to a new design, work with a web design company to get a look you are happy with that captures the essence of your existing style but adds in some of the elements you are currently lacking

Update Your Ideas List

Many bloggers struggle to come up with good blog post ideas regularly. This can vary depending on the type of blog (if your blog is topical you can’t predict what will happen, or if it is a review blog you will rarely run out of things to write about), but for a lot of people, keeping a rolling list of ideas for future posts is a good way to handle writers block and gives a quick ‘go to’ source of ideas when you are stuck but need to come up with some new content. If you already do this, make it a resolution to maintain that list better. Throw out ideas that are no longer relevant, and dedicate a little time each week to expanding the list – otherwise that well can quickly run dry! If you don’t currently use this approach but do find yourself with a bit of writer’s block from time to time, make it your resolution to start using a list!

Blog More!

The most important one of all – whatever your current posting schedule, make it your resolution to post more! The more content you create and add, the more effective, interesting and valuable your blog will be. So why not raise your game this year and post more regularly!

Your blog is something you spend a lot of time and work on, and which hopefully you find rewarding. Give it some love in your 2015 resolutions, and it can become an even better asset!