If you’ve decided to start a travel blog and even have the blog designed and ready to go, the only thing left for you to do is to start coming up with and creating content.

Remember, something that you’ll have to do to become successful as a blogger (regardless of subject or niche) is to create high quality content on a consistent basis.  Therefore, you need to make a schedule of the different topics that you can write about, but if you’re struggling to come up with such topics that you think will be good, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the top ideas for your first five travel blog posts:

An Overview Of Your Trip 

This one is simple: simply blog (and vlog) your personal travel journeys. Write about what you did, what your opinions of the travel locations you visited are, the restaurants and hotels you stayed at, the landmarks you saw, and of course, be sure to include plenty of photos and video clips as well.

Overseas Money Transfers 

Is this the most fun topic to write about when it comes to travel? Obviously not, but it’s also an important and overlooked one: how to convert money into another currency for foreign travel. You can discuss the various methods there are (remittance services, brokers, bank wire transfers, prepaid debit cards, travel credit cards, etc.) and what your personal recommendations are.

Money Saving Tips For Travel 

Here is a topic that will interest most if not all people: how to save money while traveling. As an experienced traveler yourself, you probably have a number of money savings tips up your sleeve that you can talk about.

The three biggest expenses when it comes to travel are hotels, flights, and food, and you can easily create multiple posts discussing money saving strategies for each of those.

How To Make Money While You Travel 

So many people have the dream of leaving their 9-5 jobs behind and working from anywhere at anytime they want to. This is another subject that you can easily create multiple posts out of, such as the different careers that one could pursue while traveling the world, the steps you’ve personally taken, and how to divide one’s time appropriately between having fun and getting work done while on the go.

The Best Travel Apps 

Which specific travel apps would you personally recommend? One idea here would be to write a post listing your favorite apps and your reasons for them, and then have the headlines of each entry link to a larger review.

Ideas For Your First Travel Blog 

The topics that you can write about on your travel blog truly are limitless. Under no circumstances are you limited purely to the ideas that we have just covered here today. It’s your blog, so write about what you feel inspired to.