Blogging is all about sharing your ideas and views and talking about things you are passionate about. If you have a passion and a flair for fashion, running your own fashion blog can be a great way to put what interests you out there, and even get feedback on your own style ideas. Whether you are an industry insider or just a person who loves clothing, you can find other people who share your taste, celebrate the things you love and have fun putting together posts and picture galleries that reflect your style.

Fashion Blog

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Starting a blog is easy, but there are a few things to think about before you dive in. Here are some considerations when you are starting out as a fashion blogger:

What Type of Blog Do You Want To Create?

Within the fashion blogging sphere, there are all kinds of different styles of blog. Some people go for fashion news, writing about the latest designer collections and giving their views on trends. Other people opt for more informative sites that give readers advice on how to wear the latest styles and even things like make up tutorials. Some people have more personal fashion blogs where they mostly just show off their own style by posting pictures of their favorite outfits for other people to draw inspiration on or comment on.

You can also choose a niche, for example budget fashion, DIY fashion, vintage fashion, or if you are part of a subculture like goth or punk, the fashion that goes along with your lifestyle.

Do You Intend to Monetize Your Blog?

People will often pay to advertise on quality blogs with a good following, and you can also make money by doing things like affiliate marketing – that is advertising products on behalf of other companies for a commission on sales, something that can fit well with fashion sites. If this is your goal, rather than just writing your blog for fun, then you will need to learn ways to promote your blog and gain a good amount of traffic to it, for example SEO techniques and social media marketing. Even if you are doing it just for fun, it is far more satisfying when a lot of people are seeing your posts, so it can be worth gaining some SEO skills anyway!

How Do You Want It To Look?

When it comes to something that is all about aesthetics like fashion, you want your site to look nice to lend you credibility as someone with great taste! Choosing a good theme is important, but you may also want to think about branding – that is your logo, color scheme, and all the other elements that make your site recognizable. If you are stuck for design ideas why not draw inspiration from clothes – your favorite chevron dress may have the perfect background pattern, or you may want to use a color scheme based on the latest season’s fashion palette.

Blogging about fashion can be fun and rewarding, so why not get thinking about your own blog and start putting your style on the web today!

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