White space may be referred to as negative space in web development but there is nothing negative about it. In modern website design, the use of white space is highly important to the overall appearance of a site. However, most people do not actually realize this. We can define white space as being the spacing present between web page elements. Such spaces do not include content and do not actually have to be white in terms of colors. Any color can be used as long as it is appropriate. It can also be a pattern, background objects or gradients. White space can be used in order to do the following.

Improve Site Readability

Website content has to be treated differently than text utilized on the common platforms like newspapers or books. The best web designers Sydney professionals know that website visitors have to find it really easy to read web page content at every single visit. There is a special attention that is placed on this. Negative space is basically a buffer that stops the page from looking cluttered while content has a higher readability.

Sharpened Content Hierarchy

Web design that does not include sharp hierarchy and spacing will never be impressive. With the use of white space it is easy to differentiate between the various elements present in the web page. Decreasing and increasing page element visibility is a necessity that allows web designers to make some elements like navigation, logo, image slideshows and headers in a hierarchy that offers web design unity. When content hierarchy is properly in place, all web page elements are going to gain an importance aura so the end user finds it more attractive. When used in an improper manner, white space will shift focus from the content, thus making everything less attractive.

Creating Balance

We should understand that web development is basically based on a fine balance that is maintained among web page elements. The design of a page is done in such a way that makes every single element fit perfectly and have the visual importance it should have. A visitor should never be bombarded with too many images or end up carried away by some web page elements. The use of negative space will aid you to differentiate between footer, header and middle ground regions. When improper negative space use appears, a site will look cluttered.

Increasing Sophistication Level

Website owners naturally want their sites to look as sophisticated as possible. You can easily achieve this with the intelligent use of negative space. Just take a look at the large websites of the renowned companies. You will quickly notice the fact that they use a “less is more” approach, one that automatically makes everything a lot more attractive.

We can say that properly using white space is something that adds a clear edge to website design. It will aid you to get better conversion rates and an increase in traffic. Effective negative use is not at all difficult but making mistakes is much easier than what many believe.