The digital age has redefined much of how we do things in our personal, as well as professional lives. With the prevalence of powerful mobile devices and easy access to the internet, the online world has become our most dependable resource of knowledge and learning. It is a vast pool of information spanning every fathomable concept under the sun, and it brings that knowledge right to our fingertips.

Whenever we chance upon a new and unfamiliar concept, our first instinct is to turn to the internet for more information. Not only does it allow us to research unknown topics, but it is also a great resource for acquiring new skills, such as learning the piano.

Things are very different since the internet has become more accessible – you no longer need a human tutor to learn how to play the piano. It is entirely possible, and quite convenient, to use a mobile app for this purpose. However, why should you be interested in online piano lessons in the first place?

The Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano

Learning how to play the piano has various benefits, both for your personal and professional lives. And since both of them are so intertwined in these times, an improvement in one inevitably leads to an improvement in the other.

Better Brain Function

Firstly, learning to play the piano is a very invigorating exercise for your brain. The amount of brain processing that occurs during this exercise always keeps the cogs turning inside your mind. This leads to better memory retention skills and even decreases hearing loss as you age.

The stimulation of your brain during the exercise has other benefits as well. Playing the keys enhances motor control, and as you advance to playing with both of your hands at the same time, you gain the ability to multitask more effectively.

Playing the notes in time improves your ability to plan and execute tasks efficiently, while also increasing your attention span and general level of alertness. These are all qualities that can have an incredibly positive impact on your professional life.

Greater Emotional Intelligence

Learning how to play involves a great deal of listening intently to the sounds of the instrument. There is an unexpected benefit to this process as a result. Through intent listening, you are able to pick up subtle changes in someone’s tone of voice during a conversation.

You are able to gauge the feelings of the other person by simply listening to them. This is extremely beneficial for your professional life, as you are able to communicate much more effectively with your peers. You also gain an invaluable tool at your disposal during business meetings and negotiations.

Stress Relief

One of the most obvious benefits of learning how to play is that it offers a distraction from your everyday life. Professional lives tend to get extremely hectic at times, and it is important to take a break at these moments. When you sit in front of the piano to practice, you are able to effectively block out the rest of the world and get lost in the moment.

This allows you to relieve the stress of work and personal life and gain a more positive attitude. When you get up from the piano again, you feel refreshed and are able to tackle any challenges in your professional life head-on.

Ways of Learning How to Play the Piano

Now that we have established why you would want to learn how to play the keys, let us discuss how you can do so.

The most obvious way of learning how to play the piano is by hiring a tutor for private piano lessons. You could alternatively go to a local venue, such as a community center, which offers piano classes to large groups.

However, not everyone can find the time and energy to commit to these classes. Your personal or professional life may simply not allow you to find enough time for another commitment. Online piano classes offer a much more convenient way of learning how to play for such individuals. If you are one of these people, you might be wondering just how effective online piano lessons can be.

Can You Learn How to Play Effectively With A Mobile App?

If you have any concerns regarding the effectiveness of using an app to learn how to play the piano, let us appease them right away. Learning how to play the piano – or any other musical instrument for that matter – is entirely possible with a mobile app. In fact, mobile apps like Skoove make learning incredibly convenient and easy for beginners.

With a mobile app, you can easily pick the time and place for your private lessons at your leisure. You do not have to set up an appointment with your tutor in advance. You can just open the app up on your phone whenever you find some spare time and get right down to practicing.

Additionally, if another engagement springs up in your schedule, you can easily tend to it first if you so choose, since you do not have a commitment with a mobile app.

Online learning apps usually maintain a carefully curated list of lessons for every skill group. If you are starting your learning from scratch, you can choose their beginner lessons to learn the basics of playing. On the other hand, if you are already somewhat familiar with the keys, you can opt for intermediate or advanced piano lessons. Many learning apps also allow you to make your lessons much more entertaining and exciting by offering lessons for popular songs you might want to learn.

The Final Word

Learning how to play the piano can prove to be extremely beneficial to your personal and professional life, and using a mobile app for the purpose is one of the best ways to do it. Mobile learning apps eliminate the inconveniences of hiring a human tutor, and allow you to learn on your own time and at a place of your choosing. You can try one out for yourself if you like – Skoove is an app that offers a free trial version for a week.