You cannot underestimate the value of a good hosting provider. If we think in terms of renting in the property market, a good landlord can make our life a living fantasy or a living hell. There are similarities to draw between the two when it comes to selecting and partnering with a credible web hosting provider. To avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that people make when choosing an Australian web hosting provider, we have provided the following tips.

Don’t just choose a web host based on price

While we understand that you don’t want to break the bank, you cannot choose to go with a web hosting provider by price alone. Consider the options that will give you the best value for money in terms of functionality and system requirements and benefits. Depending on the server operating system that you decide to go with, the prices will vary. However, each system has their own benefits.

See who is signed up with them if possible

When you are looking for a web hosting provider, look out for businesses and people that have already signed up with their services. Go an extra step further and do research across web forums to find out the pros and cons of their service. Specifically look for any cases that are similar to your needs in terms of setup, server requirements, support, benefits and setbacks.

Find out as much information as possible about their web support

It is extremely important to find out the reputation of the technical support team for the web hosting company. Should a problem arise and you need web support, you will need to know if they will offer you free support and assistance, or if there will be a fee associated with it. Additionally, the availability of their support team is equally as important. Find out if they can be reached via phone, email or support ticket systems and find out their response times. The delay in time could seriously impact your business. It is not worth taking the risk.

Setbacks that you can potentially experience

Some of the worst things that can happen if you partner with the wrong web hosting provider is that your site will be subject to malicious threats, downtime and bandwidth speeds. The selection of the wrong hosting partner can impact your businesses opportunity cost and should any other issues arise, it could also be another costly exercise. Some serious threats to be aware of include:

  • Loss of data
  • Security of data
  • Backup systems
  • Security against malicious threats such as Trojans and spyware
  • Server uptime and downtime
  • The amount of bandwidth speed
  • The physical locations of the web servers

Know what web hosting requirements your site needs to function successfully

There are several web hosting options available, however you will need to select the option that will maximise your website’s performance. If your website requires a small amount of space and bandwidth demands, then a hosted option may suit your needs. This is good for personal websites, blogs and small businesses that only receive minimal traffic. If your website requires a lot of space and bandwidth, then it would be wiser to upgrade to a dedicated server or to consider virtual private servers. This would also depend on the hardware requirements needed for your desired functions.

When it comes to selecting a web hosting company, there are many things to think about. In one way, it is a game of chance. However, you can reduce the risk by partnering with credible web hosts that are endorsed by other companies, clients and web communities. Should you bet on the wrong company, all the winnings that you have made with the development of your website can potentially be plundered. Don’t allow yourself to fall into that trap. Play it smart, be wise, do your research and be a part of a winning team.