Why have an Instagram account if no one follows it? The desire to gain more subscribers is understandable. If you have an online store account registered, some of the followers will definitely buy the product. The company’s business page will help you sell your services. The blogger profile is interesting for advertisers, so you can make good money on it. And all this thanks to a good base of subscribers! Partly. You also need to set up an account with high quality, regularly publish interesting posts, develop and promote your profile on Instagram in every possible way.

Get Followers on Instagram Guide

Today’s article is just about how to gain followers on Instagram. Not bots, but real people who will like, comment and be active in other ways.

Attracting subscribers from personal contacts

First of all, take care of those who are in the contact list of your phone. You should not be afraid. There is no need to call anyone and ask to sign up. Subscribers are pulled up through the internal functionality of the social network. Like this:

  • after creating an account, go to settings;
  • find the “subscriptions” section;
  • find the “Contacts”;
  • check the “Subscribe to all” box.
  • This will send a request to subscribe to your contacts, and they will subscribe in response.


This is another useful solution that will make getting Instagram followers for free a breeze. Users like to search for information by hashtags. If you have something to share, be sure to put them down. You can add up to 30 hashtags to one post. You can use popular and your own. Here are a couple of hashtag ideas:

  • the places or events where the photos were taken;
  • interests through which the target audience can find a profile;
  • description of the content of the image;
  • competitors’ tags and their followers.

Some SMM-specialists believe that up to 5 hashtags are enough for 1 publication. It’s up to you. If the profile is new, you can use hashtags to the fullest to get your first followers.

Add an Instagram feed to your website

If you have a website, then you definitely have an audience. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to inform them that you now have an account on the social network. This can be done, for example, using a widget that will allow you to embed the Instagram feed on your website. After everything is ready, users will only have to click on the interactive feed and go to your profile on the social network. Easy peasy!


Mark the places where your target audience is located. This will also allow you to grab the attention of potentially interested people and make them your subscribers. Geolocation is especially useful for those who blog about travel.

Instagram comments

Flicker under the posts in the accounts where your target audience can be found. It can even be a page of a celebrity. You need to choose accounts with a considerable number of subscribers. The more of them, the higher the probability of snatching a group of followers and getting them into your profile.

But don’t write anything. It should be an engaging comment that will pique the interest of users and encourage them to click through to your account.


If you have an established customer base, don’t forget to send them a link to your profile. You can set up a mailing list by mail or by instant messenger.

Remember that you need to gain followers on Instagram, not piss people off with your obsession. Don’t just send a link alone. Add a helpful checklist, a guide, a signup bonus, anything that can be of use for your audience.

Paid ads on Instagram

A very good and effective way is to set up ad campaigns. On Instagram, everything is done r through the Facebook Ads Manager. The good thing is that there is a detailed audience targeting. You can set the preferred gender, age, geolocation, interests of people to whom the ad will be shown. This will attract a potentially interested audience and achieve high efficiency of the advertising campaign.

Launching targeted advertising is not free. You will need a campaign budget. If you plan to contact third-party specialists, the cost of targeted advertising will also include their services.


Finding a magic tool on how to increase followers on Instagram will not work. You still need to pay attention to your account, prepare texts, photos and videos, and come up with interesting ideas. But hard work will definitely bring results. But, even if you do not want to do it yourself or simply do not have the time, you can always enlist the help of specialists. Experienced SMM specialists know how to create a content plan, create a profile, write texts, and work with stories. This is a costly, but definitely effective method to get a lot of followers on Instagram.