Depending on your line of business, you might be invisible to a large portion of your clientele if your local SEO strategy is lacking. Local SEO is becoming more important than ever, as more people make decisions based on local search. This is without mentioning the vast number of voice searches made every day, searches that are often local in nature.

But it can be difficult to understand why your business isn’t getting the attention it should, especially when you think you did everything that needed to be done. Let’s take a look at a few possible reasons why your local SEO strategy isn’t working.

You Have too Few or Not Good Enough Reviews

Google gives priority to businesses who have a good reputation. So, if you had some bad reviews or don’t have many reviews, then you’ll have to fix that. If you have bad reviews, the first step is to address and acknowledge them. Whatever you do, never take an adversarial approach or make excuses. Second, you’ll have to take steps to turn the situation around.

The third step is generating new reviews. This is also for people who don’t have reviews yet. One of the fastest ways to get more reviews is to just ask for them. Encourage people to review you on your receipts, packaging, and anywhere you can. Another thing you could do is set up a loyalty program. This will allow you to get the contact information of your customers and do some follow up.

The best thing is that these people are more likely to be satisfied with your product or service since they’re returning customers. You don’t have to send them messages overtly asking them to rate you however, just a mention at the end of your messages will be enough to catch their attention.

Your Site is Poorly Designed

A lot of people use WordPress to build websites nowadays, and one of the many benefits of WordPress is that it’s really SEO friendly for people who don’t have much experience with it. However, there’s only so much that you can do with a generic theme, and they can easily become outdated. That’s why it’s always better to have your WordPress site professionally made. It’s also better to go with a local designer if your goal is to improve your local SEO.

If you live in Minneapolis for instance, a WordPress Design Minneapolis company will be better able to create a website that will do better locally. A professional will be aware of the recent web design trends, such as responsive design, for instance, that could help you do better with search engines by providing users with a better user experience. But working with a local company will ensure that they actually have a good knowledge of your local market and create web pages that will speak to and be relevant to your local audience.

You Don’t Have Control Over your NAP

Your NAP stands for name, address, phone, and having inconsistent contact information is one of the simplest but damaging mistakes you can make. Having conflicting information will make your site difficult to rank, so make sure that you take inventory of everywhere it is located and correct it. That means your social media profiles, any review site you’re registered with, directories, and of course, your Google My Business profile.


All of these are common reasons why so many local SEO efforts fail. Thankfully, most of these can be resolved with minimal effort. Make sure that you aren’t committing any of these with your business and work on turning things around starting today.

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