Getting visitors to your website can be challenging enough but that’s only the start of it. Unless you’ve got a great method of converting the visitors it won’t matter how many visitors you actually have, you’ll still have no sales.

Fortunately, there are 8 proven ways to boost your conversion rate:

Test again and again

When creating your website, and periodically afterward, you should test your website conversion and purchase process. This is essential to ensure there are no bugs in it that will discourage potential customers.

Don’t forget that people have short attention spans if you’re site doesn’t provide a smooth and easy to follow buying process they’ll go elsewhere.

Add Quikclicks

You may have heard of Quikclicks. They are a specialist company that will help you through every step of your marketing design campaign.

Instead of doing the best you can, let the professionals step in and be impressed by the difference it makes.

Gain Customer Trust

If you want to convert people you need to gain their trust. That means you need an honest and open statement about you and the company.

Alongside this you’ll need to have a good social profile and interact with people; this will give the company a human side which allows people to connect, making it much easier to convert them to buying something as they trust you and your product.

Deal With Issues Instantly

Having a social media account I important but this also opens up an avenue where unhappy customers can make very vocal complaints.

This can actually be used to your benefit! Simply react quickly and be fair, other users will see this and be inspired by your business. They’ll be ready to convert before they even visit your page!

Give An Incentive

What better way to get a new customer on board than to offer them something for nothing? A welcome discount or something similar will quickly get their interest and see your conversion rate going upward.

Make Navigation Easy

You’ve probably already considered the forms that a customer needs to fill in before a purchase can be completed. Having done that you need to go back over the steps and eliminate anything unnecessary.

The simpler the process of signing up or purchasing an item, the more likely it is that a customer will do just that!


If you have confidence in your product, then tell the world! If you offer a no questions asked refund on any purchase returned within 7 or 14 days you’ll inspire confidence in many potential customers.

After all, if they think they have nothing to lose there is no harm in buying.

Call To Action

By creating a sense of urgency you’ll increase the likelihood of customers buying.

For example, if you’re selling a physical product you can boost sales by telling them there is only 1 or 2 left. The sense of urgency or that they may miss out on a deal will drive many people to purchase it without thinking about whether they really need or want it.