Getting their site on the first page of Google is a dream of every webmaster and if one can get it ranked for good keywords, then it would fetch him even better results. However, not all of them can get a site ranked for competitive keywords. For example, if your site is an e-store that primarily sells computer-related products, then it would be very hard to get ranked in the top 10 for keywords like ‘buy computer’, ‘cheap computers’, ‘buy laptops’, etc.

These are highly competitive keywords and there would be thousands of other SEO gurus trying to get ranked for such keywords. Therefore, it would be almost impossible for everyone to show up on the first page of Google’s search results for such highly competitive keywords.

What should one do in such circumstances? The answer to this question is to concentrate on getting ranked for long tail keywords. Long tail keyword refers to niche-specific keywords, mostly concentrating on a region. For example, in the above case, ‘buy laptops in California’, or ‘buy Dell model xxx laptop New York’, etc. would be called long tail keywords. As their name suggests, they have a long tail and are mostly region-specific. It is easier to rank long tail keywords because they have less competition as compared to the highly competitive ones.

Another effective way to rank your site on the first page of Google’s search results is video marketing. This too works better with long tail keywords. The best way to do this is to make a list of low competitive keywords, make an appealing title out of them and submit a video related to the keywords to sites like YouTube. If done properly, then they stand a great chance to get ranked on the front page of Google.

Another great way of getting your site to be shown on the first page is to acquire links from the sites that are already positioned on the front page for some good keywords. If a blog is ranked in Google, then adding a comment on it, which includes the link to your website will automatically make your site appear on the first page as well! These are some of the alternative ways to get your site ranked on Google.

If your website has followed the standard Google guidelines, then you are likely to get the best results. However, if your site is disobeying the Big G and Google comes to know about it, then it’s likely that you will see a drop in the ranking of your website; thus affecting its traffic.

Some of the important points about Google-SEO are:

1. Google does not treat blog commenting and links orienting from this as quality backlinks. This is probably because it has observed spam links coming out from blogs, in hundreds and thousands, from comments pages. Say you subscribed for a package worth 5 bucks from a cheap SEO Reseller, promising a thousand backlinks, then its most likely that those links are coming from Spam sources. The best way to recover from this would be to not fall in the trap of such cheap link building packages and inform Google to ignore such links. This will help you to filter low-quality links associated with your website.

2. Another observation is that Google is now treating naked links as more authentic and trustworthy than the anchored ones. This is probably due to the fact that off-late, affiliates have been spreading anchored and keyword-rich links and now Google has decided that this should be controlled before it gets out of hand. So, the best way to spread a link now is unanchored, with its original URL.

If you are not much into SEO, then the best way to ensure that your website keeps doing well is by respecting Google webmasters guidelines. These guidelines are no different from the general traits of a business that is successful in the long run. To sum it up, be honest, enjoy what you do and be patient with the results. Follow these rules and there is no reason why your website would not get great results!