There’s no denying the fact that video marketing is one of the biggest trends in the digital marketing industry. As compared to any other form of content, engaging the users by leveraging video materials are much higher and thanks to the internet and the smartphone devices, videos have become way more accessible than what they were before. It is also easier to produce a video than what it used to be in previous generations.

Dan Patterson says that human beings are extremely powerful and visual and anything that is moving will create an impact in their minds which tends to stay on for a long time. Through videos, it is easier to contextualize and capture the entire world around us. In what way can you utilize videos in the best way for your brand? Well, explainer videos are one among the other best ways to start off and whiteboard animation videos are a type of explainer video. How can you create a killer video to engage your audience? Read on.

Explainer videos – What makes them so effective?

1. They’re pithy and terse

Explainer videos are short and to-the-point. The business owners usually love to share online videos as they can get maximum information within a short span of time. Explainer videos are few minutes long and hence the customers don’t have to invest too much time in learning information.

2. They always offer a viable solution

Videos are made in such a manner that they will deal with some kind of problem and soon after they will also show you the most viable solution. The explainer videos illustrate how the products can solve a specific problem of the customers. The same effect can’t ever be created by posting content on it.

3. They’re used anywhere

Once you create an explainer video, you will be able to use it on several platforms and in numerous contexts. While you can share it on YouTube, you can also add the link to your business site’s home page or feature it on the landing page. As they’re short, they can be used anywhere and everywhere.

4. They’re versatile

As mentioned earlier, explainer videos are short and hence editing them is a very easy task. Whenever you want, you can switch things around. If you wish to launch a new feature to a product, you can quickly make an explainer video in order to let your audience know about it and promote it.

5. You get an opportunity to prove your company’s worth

Such explainer videos also offer you a change to prove your value in terms of a brand with statistics that are visually represented, through video testimonials or by mentioning some big brands.

Create the best whiteboard animation video – Few pro tips

If you’re not familiar with whiteboard animation videos, you should know that this is a procedure where a story is told by utilizing drawings on a whiteboard and this is a type of explainer video where the artist draws it in front of the client. Here are few tips to create best whiteboard animation videos.

1. Storytelling is a must

A story that is well-told will always be revered by the customers. In order to make a successful animation video, you have t focus your story on the audience and their problems rather than on the features of the product.

2. Animated characters can be created

Remember that characters are the thread which binds the story in the right way. It is through characters that the continuity of the story improves. The characters should represent your audience, the buyer personas so that they can identify themselves with the characters.

3. Add little bit of colors

While the whiteboard animated videos are black and white, how about innovating new things? No, we’re not asking you to go crazy with it as this is not about designing a colorful video. If there are few parts of the message which you wish to accentuate, you might add some color. In case of color usage, stick to the color of the brand. Add it to the main spots to make the video presentable.

4. Stick to traditions

What is it that successfully makes a traditional whiteboard video? Well, there are basically 3 things, the white background and the black drawing on the hand. The people will be reading this in a minute’s time and hence you have to keep in mind the basic features of such videos. Though you may add few personal details, don’t waver from the tradition.

5. Utilize emotional references

When you create a whiteboard animated video, you should know that they have full possibility of delivering any complicated message in a very simple method. But one thing about any simple method is that you may want them to be anything, from light, happy, funny, empathetic, nostalgic and emotional. You can use the emotions of the audience to your favor and this can be done by adding elements. Appealing to the emotions of the target audience can generate association.

Lastly, we can’t help but mention the fact that the content of the animated video holds utmost importance. The content should always be high quality lest the credibility of your brand suffers. Get the best team for your product who can work together to turn every complex idea into a simple flowing whiteboard animation video to please the customers.