Nowadays every website is fighting to appear on the first pages of major search engines. This article gives quality SEO localization tips.

To rank highly on Google is every business person’s dream. Businesses put a lot of time and effort in website translation. Statistics indicate that Google takes up about 79$ of global search traffic on the internet. For enterprises that work internationally, the utilization of translation services to enhance their SEO and organic traffic internationally is paramount. This article discussed how companies could effectively strategize on localizing their marketing information.

Reasons Why Is SEO so Important

Almost 63,000 google searches are conducted each day. 44.64% of clicks are normally made on the first result that appears at the top of the page. This is according to a study conducted by Ignite in 2017. This is the fundamental reason that makes companies obsessed about optimizing their websites for search engines the likes of Google. Accomplishing this task can produce a huge spike in organic traffic. Especially if the business ‘website can appear as the first result.

Even though SEO is full of dirty tricks, changes in algorithms as well as rules on the acceptable and unacceptable practices in building links, the focus is shifting towards the quality of content. It is imperative to use keywords naturally and undertake proper keyword research thoughtfully. It is only through this method that a corporation can raise its search engine rankings. For companies that have websites in different languages, this is the juncture whereby website localization becomes a top priority.

Useful Data in Translation

Taking full advantage of data is crucial to your search engine success. Obtaining information on backlinks, rankings, search engine result pages’ competitors then transforming into strategic actions can enable a website tremendously rise the ranks. Nevertheless, this process is specific to a given language. It is not enough to build your SEO strategy in English then use automated tools to translate your website in a foreign language. A similar process of conducting research making use of actionable data is necessary for every language the website is bound to use.

Hiring translation agencies is the best pathway to take in such circumstances. They hire professional translators qualified in a wide range of language groups. This allows the website proprietor to utilize professional translators to localize multiple languages at the same time. The owner of the site will still need to closely work with each of the translators to ensure the data is clear and comprehensible. Therefore, each website localization process will be in a prime position to perform properly within search rankings.

Understanding the Process of Localization

Another merit of website localization is that they are highly skilled in localizing web content. Localization services are more than converting content from the source to the target language. Instead, they normally consider content from a native’s viewpoint. These experts consider all content from historical details, cultural norms, religious learnings, and other aspects of a given culture. They can customize the process, ensuring it is not offensive based on any of the elements mentioned above. Likewise, consideration is given to factors such as slang & colloquial terms as well as pop culture references, ensuring that the localized content does not inadvertently amuse as well.

Translation and localization services are complimentary. Therefore, it is worth engaging both while translation something focused on an international audience. This can be achieved through:

  • Mobile app translation
  • Website translation
  • Document translation

Importance of Translation in Crating Organic Traffic in Different Languages

English remains the dominant language in cyberspace. Statistics show that there are over a billion English-language users of the internet. Closely following are the Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic users, respectively. Therefore, English accounts for around 25% of internet users. So this is the majority of constant and active users.  

Furthermore, over 70% of English-language users all over the world use the internet. However, only about half of Chinese speakers use the internet. When it comes to Spanish, around 65% use the internet. Around half of Arab-speaking people use the internet. All these show that there is much space for incising the number of internet visitors to your site who speak Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic.

How to Strategically Use Translation in Building Organic Traffic

Hiring language services to produce translation website content can lead to a profitable rise in organic traffic across multiple target languages. It would be prudent to state the objective of the localization task succinctly to get the most from a translation agency. In case the professional translation agency is aware of the company’s values and ethos, they can put them into consideration while selecting the most effective phrases and words during localization.

The company seeking the localization service can choose to localize website content to different languages simultaneously. It can send out translators to collect information about rankings, SERP competition, and backlinking in multiple languages than determine which ones to give priority based on their results. Once the translation has been achieved, the Google site rankings of each language can be used to undertake further research and development of effective strategies.

Why Professional Translation Is Still the Winner

Companies put in extra effort to ensure that their sites can appear as high as possible within search results. The same principle holds for investing in creating sites in different languages. Even though it might be costly to research actionable data in various languages and to hire professional localization assistance, the improvement in organic traffic as a result of high search engine rankings is worth the investment.


The world is increasingly becoming globalized. For this reason, services that adopt an international marketing strategy can gain incredible revenue. Look at the example of Netflix, which is available across over 190 countries. It is way ahead of its competitors by a huge margin.