As website owner, your main goal is to increase traffic and eventually sales in your website. To achieve this goal, you must first gain trust of your visitors. You need to show them that your website is reliable and trustworthy. This way, they will be more confident to visit and transact with your site.

In this article, we will discuss some tips to make your website look more trustworthy and eventually lead to your ultimate goal of having more traffic and sales.

  1. Choose your domain name wisely – your domain name plays a vital role in the success of your website. It is advisable to come up with short and easy to remember domain name. However, there are many websites already and most of the times, short keywords are already taken. You should visit domain check site to see if the name that you want is still available to buy. It is recommended to mix terms to form a unique name but be sure to research the meaning as you do not want to use a domain name with inappropriate meaning.
  2. Host your site in a reliable hosting service – you do not want your site to have more downtime especially during peak hours. Thus, you should make sure to choose a reliable hosting site that’s fast with minimal down time. Also, it is best if they have support that can assist you any time of the day.
  3. Have an SSL certificate – it is very important to have a secure connection especially if your website sells products or services and you require users to input credit card details and other personal details. Having an SSL certificate gives your users assurance that their details and information are safe in your network.
  4. List down complete contact details in Contact Us page – another thing that users usually look for when they see a new website is the Contact Us page. They want to know how to contact the site if they have enquiries about the services and products or especially when they have orders. You should include in this page your mobile number, email address and office address.
  5. Have a Live Chat support – you get a bonus point if you have a Live Chat support installed in your website. This is a chat system that users can use to talk to a support that will assist them in case they have questions about the website, products or services. This is indeed a high quality customer service that you can offer to your users.
  6. Post content regularly – it is also advisable to publish fresh content regularly. You should aim to post at least one content per week. This can be anything from article, Newsletter, videos, photos or infographics.
  7. Link your social media accounts – lastly, you should make sure to link your official social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. The more “likes” and “followers” you get, the more popular you’d be.

Those are some tips to help you make your website look trustworthy. Once you’ve established your rapport and trust with your visitors, they will surely come back regularly. They will be more at ease to buy products or avail services that you offer since they are confident that your site is legitimate and worthy of their trust.