When it comes to website editing, there are usually two kind of people: the ones that know what’s it all about (they usually have some fine coding skills as well) and the ones who have no clue in the matter, but they don’t trust anybody else with their work and will try to do everything themselves.

Nowadays, more and more people come to the realization that everything is shifting online and feel some internal urge to create a website as their own digital footprint. Luckily enough, Wix comes to the rescue for both kinds with its new release – Editor X. We reviewed it for you and came back with the main reasons why you should entrust Editor X to be your new website builder and companion.

1. 100% design freedom

Editor X offers a perfect combination of cutting edge design capabilities with much emphasis on adopting intuitive drag-and-drop characteristics, in order to offer you 100% design flexibility. We will briefly present some of the most useful features and tools:

  • Flexible canvas

Resize your canvas to design and view your creation at any viewpoint width

  • Flex layouter

Using new and improved Flexbox Technology, your content will automatically adapt to the screen while resizing

  • Docking

Anchor elements to the very edge of their parent container or to a specific position for better layouting as the viewport changes.

  • Grid layout

Adjust your CSS grid structure at each breakpoint based on your needs

  • Stack and scale

Add focus to your media tools for better responsive behavior

  • Text scale

Create scalable font sizes (perfect for designers)

  • Custom breakpoints

Add your own custom breakpoints or use the pre-defined sets from Editor X (at the moment there are 3 set breakpoints tailored for most common screen sizes)

  • Advanced sizing controls

Create and define your elements as fixed or fluid, adjust size and improved characteristics

  • Wix Design System

Take advantage of a smart system with built-in responsive behavior that matches your site details such as color palette or personal signature

Moreover, Wix is releasing new design features every week based on user feedback and necessities, so keep an eye on the updates!

2. 100% responsive sites

Wix is one of the best website builders when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With built-in SEO tools and packages, it helps your website rank highly on Google.

In addition to basic SEO tools (XML site maps, canonical URLs or 301 Redirects), Editor X offers a more solid experience, providing custom SEO plans and professional email marketing tools, so you can drive through your website’s traffic and analyze your client’s interactions, visiting tracking and so on.

We’ll sum up the most important tools that build a responsive site:

  • Instant Google Indexing

Your client’s websites will be listed on Google in less than 30 seconds

  • Custom Meta Tags

Get full control over meta tags usage and make sure they are optimized for search engines

  • SEO Patterns

Build SEO-friendly tags and URLs as you desire with the integrated SEO patterns. Edit a type once on a particular page and it will automatically update across all the other pages.

  • 301 Redirects

Ensure that visitors land on the targeted page when you need to constantly redirect one URL to another.

  • Marketing integrations

Easily connect to important marketing features such as Google Analytics or HotJar to improve performance and sustainability of your own websites

  • Email marketing

Improve your website’s traffic with professional email marketing systems to create a powerful engagement

  • Analytics

Use statistics to review interactions across the website such as tracking orders or visits for a better overview

  • Video Maker

Easily create promo videos with a professional touch directly from your dashboard

3. Coding without coding – Ease of use

The best thing about Editor X? You don’t have to be a coding expert to bring your vision to life. Actually, you don’t have to know code at all.

However, for those who know a thing or two about coding, you should know that the platform supports custom code writing by connecting to external APIs. So for all the geeks out there – here’s your chance to take control and create advanced web applications and websites.

Editor X provides some useful tools for developers who want to improve their websites with custom code. The core features include:

  • Database APIs

Use reference-based filters in order to add complex data to your site, use APIs to manage and organize data.

  • Built-in IDE

Tailored to ease your productivity by code completion, syntax highlighting and more

  • HTTP Functions

Write serverless functions and make your sites operate as APIs

  • Dynamic Pages

Create unlimited pages, each with specific integrated functions such as SEO, URLs

  • Custom interactions

Develop and offer your users an unforgettable experience when interacting with your website

4. Trustworthy for every kind

Editor X was at first conceived for designers who wish for more freedom to create, visualize and perform. With all the integrated tools and features specially crafted in order to deliver a richer, complete experience regarding design functionality, Editor X is definitely a win for free-minded graphic designers. Even a small business that craves more control could benefit from using Editor X as their website builder.

For all security sensitive people around there, you should know that each website built with Editor X (and Wix in general) is completely hosted, includes certificates and ensures website security and automatic updates in the most secured manner. We entrusted our work with Wix and did not get disappointed up until this point, so neither should you!

For businesses, Wix offers specific templates, tailored for your needs, SEO and marketing tools for better ranking, and business analysis features such as integrated apps or email marketing. Moreover, businesses can make use of all the amazing tools that are offered, like bookings or subscription forms.

For personal use, you can create everything you need, from your own blog to portfolios or CVs. There are lots of templates at your disposal, and if no one is appealing enough to you, feel free to foster your creativity and design your own, using Editor X’s intuitive tools.

For bloggers, managing your blog posts and organizing them into different categories has never been easier! Add specific tools such as search bars, hashtags, eye-catching videos and pictures or manage your blog’s comment section as you wish.


Editor X is a powerful platform, constantly improving and targeted to deliver advanced responsive web design along with super smooth drag & drop, secure hosting, built-in business solutions and custom code. Wix enables users to create their dynamic digital presence from scratch and no prior experience. It inspires businesses and organizations, as well as common individuals to make their mark in the world, online. It’s a full stack offering for both professional creators and amateur editors.

We already integrated Editor X in both our business and personal plans, and we hope you’ll do the same. Until next time, keep safe and create smart!