As Magento continues to grow as one of the leading online store creating tools, the number of Magento extensions and theme providers continues to grow too. Every day, these extension creators find new ways to avail a new extension in the market.

With more than 6000 paid and free Magento 2 extensions, choosing the right Magento 2 blog extension can be a daunting task.

Here is how to make the right decision when selecting the best Magento extension for your needs.

Have a clear purpose

When in the market for a blog extension, knowing what you need will make the selection process much more manageable. You need to understand why you need the extension. With this answer, you can go through the numerous extension choices available and pick the best Magento 2 blog extension for your needs. Remember to compare the capabilities of the various extension to find the best performing one.

Finding a trustworthy supplier

Finding the best supplier means that you have to go online, find several Magento extension providers, and make a comparison.

Availability of updates

An extension, just like software, will require to be updated regularly. The best service provider is a developer who is proactive when it comes to releasing updated versions as well as bug fixes. An advanced extension version is always better than the previous version. It comes with new features and improved functionality.

Customer reviews

Before you settle for an extension service provider, it is always a good idea to go through their client reviews. You can find reliable Magento extensions reviews on Magento 2 connect on social media pages. Here, you will find information on the best service providers for different Magento 2 extensions available in the market.

Pay attention to information on general features such as customer policy, quality of the code, and support features.

The provider’s history

Learning the history of the extension provider will give you an idea of the experience they have with developing extensions. The Magento 2 extension market is competitive. Therefore, it is best to go for an extension provider with a long history of developing extensions.

Reach out to the provider

Once you have one or two final extension providers to choose from, you should try communicating with them. Developers usually include the means of contacting them on their sites. You can try live chat, email, ticket system, or social networks. Pay attention to how fast you reach them and how eager they are to help. This will tell you whether they are only interested in making money or whether they are genuinely interested in helping their clients.

Money-back policies

Any vendor who is confident with his product will not have a problem with offering a money-back guarantee. The guarantee should not be for less than two weeks. This gives you enough time to work with the blog extension and determine whether it is the right fit for you.

The cost

Different extension developers will sell extensions at different rates. Because of the competitive nature of the market, it is easy to find excellent deals on Magento extensions. Ensure that the price of the extension you go for does not compromise on quality.