If you’ve never heard of log monitoring before, you’re missing out on a piece of technology that could help to improve how your site functions. As a webpage owner, it can be difficult to manually check everything that’s going on. This includes software updates, possible security breaches, downtime, page load errors and site traffic that are all factors specific to how efficient your domain is operating. Thankfully, using log management from this site here can help in identifying patterns and problems so that you’re able to improve customer satisfaction and revenue.

Threat Assessment

Security threats are everywhere, no matter how secure you assume your site currently is. However, with log monitoring, you’re able to spot unusual activity, like someone trying to gain access to a server. This allows you to put a stop to the problem before it turns into a full-blown data breach. You can also keep track of outdated software programs and update them as needed, getting rid of any bugs or glitches that may be present to work against you.

Storage Capacity and Usage

If you have too many files on your server, this can lead to unscheduled downtime and page load errors that continually happen. It can also be difficult to load additional pages or content because you’re at max capacity. Before this can become a problem for you and your company, you need to be aware of the storage space that is available and what’s currently used. You can also be made aware of old, outdated and unused files that can be deleted to free up some space.

Visitor Traffic

Your site is going to have unique visitor hits every single day. However, the amount of hits your page receives can be the difference between not earning any revenue and bringing in enough to sustain a steady income. The beauty of log monitoring is that you can see how many people are coming to your page, where they’re coming from and how long they’re staying. This allows you to work on marketing techniques and strategies that are specific to the clientele you’re attracting.

Load Time Review

Depending on the type of site you have made public and how adaptive it is across multiple devices, each page will load differently for every one of your visitors. Pages that are data- or content-heavy or that have too many advertisements can be a problem. Log monitoring allows you to see page load information so that you can make necessary changes to improve customer experience.

Understand and Prevent Downtime

Downtime on a site can either be scheduled or unscheduled. Unscheduled downtime is the real problem, and it can be caused by a wide array of different factors. For instance, your site might be overloaded with traffic or a program might have crashed for some unknown reason. Your log monitoring service helps to first identify downtime, even if you’re not there to see it. You can then be made aware of what’s causing the downtime so that you’re able to work on fixing the problem.