So you just got into high school? Well, it is time that you know about the tool that will take you by your hand and save yours from all the troubles and penalties that you will face in all the coming years of your life! We will like you guys to read this article till the end so that you can know all about this brilliant tool! We have discussed the working of the tool, and also we have discussed the special features of it so that you can know how to fully avail it when you start using it to check your content for plagiarism!

You should understand that there are many plagiarism checking tools all around the web, but not all of them are best and reliable for students and for this very reason we have gathered all the information about the most accurate plagiarism tool on the web! Now don’t worry if you have never used a plagiarism check tool ever in your life because after reading this article, you will know how to do it in the right way! Now we will recommend you to read the section below so that you can know about the best tool in the market!

Plagiarism Check with SmallSEOtools.Com

Now you must be familiar with the services of small SEO tools! You guys should know that small SEO tools are a platform that is famous for its reliability and accuracy, and we will like you guys to know that not only is it famous for being reliable but it also is one of the simplest tools on the internet these days! Now first of let us talk about the details of the working of this tool!

First of all, we will recommend you to register yourself with the tool because your security comes first! Don’t worry as the registration won’t cost you anything, you can simply register yourself with your Facebook account or Gmail account, or you can simply register yourself with your email! Once you are done with the registration, you have to sign in with your account and open the plagiarism check free tool by small SEO tools!

When you open up this tool, you will see a simple text box in which you can either type the text manually or can paste it after you copy it from your document! Once you are done with the input, you will see a check plagiarism button below the box. Click on this button and see the magic! We will like you guys to know that this tool has many amazing features related to this plagiarism checking and for this very reason we have mentioned all of these features in detail below!

Features of The Plagiarism Checker Tool by SST!

Read below the features in complete detail!

Billions of Web Pages!

Now the first feature of this tool that is best for students is that this tool has a big database that compiles over billions of webpages! Once you upload your content in the toolbox, it will be compared with all the webpages on the database of this tool!

Rewriting of Content!

Now you guys should know that this tool has the best-rewriting feature that helps you in fixing plagiarism in content! You should know that if your content is detected as plagiarism then this tool can automatically rephrase it if you want to! This is the best feature for students!

Acceptance of Multiple Formats!

Now you should know that you can easily upload documents in this tool as input and you don’t have to worry about the formats of the documents as this tool can accept multiple document formats!

URL Integrations!

Now you will be surprised to know that with the help of this amazing tool you can easily get help in removing the URLs of websites that you don’t want to compare your content with and can also add the URL of the website that you need to check plagiarism in!

Report and Record!

Now you guys should know that with the help of this amazing tool you will easily get all the records of plagiarism in content! The tool will not only tell you about the percentage report of the content but will also tell you about the exact source of plagiarism! It will give you the best-detailed reports that will tell you about the authenticity of plagiarism with accordance to lines!

Multiple Languages!

The tool can understand multiple languages, so don’t worry if you have a document written other than in English!

Highlighted Document View!

You guys should know that with the help of this tool you will get a complete highlighted view of the document, this view will have two colors, the red one will tell you about plagiarism in content, and the green color will represent the unique content!

This plagiarism check tool is the best for students as it can detect even the smallest plagiarism in content and can also fix it and authenticate it!

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