Social media networks are becoming quite popular every day and becoming an essential part of the lives of all the people. Billions of people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. on a daily basis, to make new friends, learn and meet people with same interest and also establish their own online presence. If you wish to create your own social media networking site, mentioned below are best website builders which you can utilise to create your own social networks without any coding.

  1. Elgg

Being an open source social networking engine which has won awards which offer a robust and seamless framework to create all types of social environments like campus social network of a college, university or school or any internal collaborative platform for the organisation via a brand-building communication tool for the company as well as its clients. It provides almost everything which you require to develop a social network.

  1. BuddyPress

It is an open source social network CMS which is available for free, just like its own parent project the WordPress. It is entirely an open source endeavour. Each thing from the core code to the themes, documentation and plugin extensions are essentially built by the community of the BuddyPress. This essentially means that any person can assist you in the project by contributing both knowledge and time. With this website builder, you can easily create a campus social network for the school, college or university or an internal communication tool for your own company or a niche social network for any topic of your interest as well as a focused social network for a particular new product. Just like WordPress, you can also extend the functionalities of it by using great plugins which are found at its own repository.

  1. PhpFox

It is a social network software and a website creator which provides you with the ability to create a distinct and unique community which also includes a lot of features which are found on the social media networks like MySpace and Facebook. These features include Pages and Groups, Apps, Activity Feed, AJAX Browsing, Mobile version, Privacy, Monetize, CMS, Theme Management, Extensibility, Administration, User Groups, Ad Campaigns, Photos, Blogs, Attachments, Polls, Forum , Friends, Shoutbox, Private Messaging, Quizzes, Videos collections, Events, Music gallery, User subscriptions option, Marketplace, Social Sharing, Multilingual, Instant Messenger and Members Profiles.

  1. SocialEngine

It is a website builder software to create a social website or any online community. There is no requirement of design or coding skills. It provides you with a simple and unbranded network that you can easily customise in any way that you want. You are provided with the complete freedom to maintain fine-grained control over the different aspects of the content and the website. The content of the community is yours to own. Unlike different hosted services, the SocialEngine PHP never ever prevents you from moving your entire community or even serving your advertisements. Few of its features are Blogs, Photo Albums, Events, Groups, Chat & IM, Music Sharing, Mobile, Forums, Video Sharing, classifieds, Polls etc.

  1. Ning

It is built from the group up for the purpose of social in order to provide power to vibrant communities. This platform offers all the tools as well as expertise that you require to create your community work for you within few minutes. Some of its great features consist of Blogs, Customizable Member Profiles, Forums, Groups, Pages, Photos and Video Embeds, Events and Chat, In-Built Mobile Site, Social sign in through Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc. Real-time activity feed which feature the top new Twitter, Facebook, RSS seamless sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and much more


It is DIY social media networking platform which allows the people to come together and also form an interactive community around a particular shared interest or even affiliation with the in-built apps which enable easy communication and collaboration. Its distinct features are Blogs, Forum, Newsfeed, People, Chat, Videos, Photos, Wiki, Events, Groups, Funds, Map, Files, Music gallery, bookmarking Links manager. It is quite affordable.

  1. Oxwall

It is a free and open source website building software which is flexible as well as easy to use MySQL/PHP social media networking software platform. Few of its great features are advertisement management and statistics, In-built SEO, video sharing, Photo, blogs, wiki, forum, event, groups, comment, friends and much more as it is defined by plugins. In case you don’t get involved with the hassles of coding, you can easily use their own hosted solution and also have a social network which can be ready within few minutes.

  1. SocialGo

It is a simple drag and drop website maker which makes it easier to build social or community websites with simplicity and ease. You don’t require any coding experience, and it comes with a huge collection of different widgets. Some of its great features include the use of the custom domain, SEO optimised, event, news feed, groups, IM and video chat, forum, blog, photo gallery and social integration.

  1. Mixxt

It is a free as well as premium social network creator. You don’t have to be a developer. You just have to select what you require and get started. With this, you can easily set your community to public or private, allow the members to have conversations in the forum, chat and blogs, create rich content pages, availability of image galleries as well as videos collection, build a wiki with your members. It is completely free, but it does have ads which you can remove with their own smallest premium package which is available.

  1. kickApps

It provides corporation, enterprises, large and small brands with the ability to create a simple and an interactive social network along with building own community with photo and video sharing, rating, comment, different community widgets and much more.

  1. Pligg

It is an open source content management system or CMS which you can easily download, and it is also free to use. It offers social publishing software which encourages its visitors to register on the website so that they can easily submit their content and also connect with different users. The software also creates websites where different stories are essentially created and also voted on by the members, not by the website editors. Using this content management system, you can start to create your own social publishing community within few minutes.


Social networks have changed the methods that we utilise to communicate and interact with different people. We share photos, videos, comments, status etc. to let the world know about different aspects of our lives. These social networks also act as a great tool for the businesses to market their products. Few social networks allow the users to make their own community who have same interests. To create a social network, there are multiple options. You can hire a web development company or a developer which can be quite costly. In this case, you can opt for social network website builders which are the perfect and affordable solutions. A lot of them are free to use and comes with a wide range of features like blogs, photos and video sharing, comment, news feed, social integration etc. They are easy to use and seamless to integrate with your website. They provide all the tools which are required to create a great and an interactive social network. Using these website builders, you can save both time as well as money while developing your own social network with quite an ease.